• One website I’ve found useful for song BPM is JogTunes- you can search by BPM, genre or artist. Check it out- http://jogtunes.com/.

    From Kelly Hillyer
    March 11, 2010

Do you listen to music when working out? If not, maybe you should start!

According to H3 Fitness Specialist Amber Shadwick, recent results published in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, reveal that plugging into paced (beats per minute) music increases stamina on a treadmill by 20 percent.


However, do you find that your iPod sometimes serves as more of a distraction than motivator?  Finding the right beat, fumbling with the cord, where do you put it…  Just a few of the problems I have faced when trying to get my groove on and sweat at the same time.


Finding the right song for your workout = beats per minute (B.P.M.’s).  Listening to music that matches the pace of your individual footfall can also give you a psychological boost at critical points of exhaustion and fatigue. To figure out how many B.P.M.’s your workout tunes should be, count how many times your feet hit the ground during a one-minute run, or for you “purposeful” walkers out there, take an estimated minute and a half count. 


According to an article by the New York Times, “a stroll walker going at a pace of around 3 miles an hour, a remixed track has a count of 115 to 118 B.P.M.; for a power walker going 4.5 m.p.h., the count is 137 to 139 B.P.M., while the B.P.M. for a runner elevates to 147 to 160.”


Why didn’t I think of this…The Magneat; the ultimate management solution to tangled cords.  Not only does it come in really cool colors and designs, but this tiny $15 gadget can help you retain focus from annoying cords during your workout.  Click here to see how it works!


Here are a few reasons why you should invest in the Magneat!

– No more messed up wires !
– Provides ear relief.
– Enjoy music as it should be, untangled n´fun.
– Suitable for almost any headphone / earphone / hands-free cords.
– Fits on almost any clothing, any where / any wear.
– Eco-friendly.
– Patented design and function.
– Collectable.
– Finally, a solution for annoying headphone wires!


Hands-free iPod solutions.  A great choice for gym-goers is the iPod Shuffle.  The world’s smallest music device, with a built in clip, and holds up to 1,000 songs.  The newest generation even talks to you – letting you know the artist and name of the song playing.  You can purchase one for as low as $59.


If you feel that you need a little more song space, you can get a sport armband that will hold an iPod of any size in place.  Find your fit here.


Now that you have your music ready to go – get out there and get moving!  I’m interested – what is the song that gets you moving?

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