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Coaching Corner: Unearth Your Fuel

Do you ever find that when Wednesday evening hits your energy gas light pops up? I find that during a very busy week that Wednesday is where I sometimes need to pull into the station, put air in the lifestyle tires, and refuel the tank. We get caught up in our every day responsibilities, our jobs, and obviously our workout routines that we tend to overlook this idea of refueling. The one question really comes down to what truly helps us refuel? How do we in fact re-charge when the Wednesday energy light comes on?

There’s no single answer. Energy is a factor that we all crave. It’s that attribute that keeps each of our engines running, but at the same time it’s different for everyone. For me it happens to be entering into a local race, but even so it can be hard to pin down.

For this Sunday’s Coaching Corner, I’d like you to unearth your fuel with these two easy steps:

1. Learn What Drains Your Energy

On a separate piece of paper, list 10-100 things that you are tolerating or are draining your energy (i.e. messy car, bed not made daily, papers not in order, closet that needs organized, a button missing from favorite jacket, broken appliance, etc.).

2. Determine Your Energy Enhancers

On a separate piece of paper, list your Energy Enhancers or things that give you energy (i.e. taking the dog for a walk, weekly massage, keeping a journal, going to dinner with spouse, running a half marathon)

By doing this you’ll be more aware of what to do when an energy drained week comes up. Please post your number one Drains and Enhancers because I’m sure we can all relate and strategize!

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