• Great post, Jeff. Thanks!

    Another GREAT site for tracking nutrition, fitness and ANY gaol you want to track is sparkpeople.com – AND it’s FREE!!!!!

    From Sandy Laken
    March 13, 2011

  • Hi Jeff!

    Since my stay at H3 I have been counting the number of days that I journal and we are at 526 days. I would feel incomplete without my daily recording and I often go back to my journals from days 1 through 30 to give me motivation when I am feeling blah!

    I also encourage my clients to journal their food daily and it really packs a punch when I show the journal that I started at H3.

    Thanks for your insights once again and love your journal cover!

    Keep up the

    From Maureen Wielansky
    March 13, 2011

  • @Maureen 526 Days!! That is so awesome. Looking back is always key for our learning experiences and of course motivation :) @Sandy sparkpeople is awesome so glad you utilize that website!

    From Jeff
    March 19, 2011

Coaching Corner: Just Journal

Wellness CoachingWhen it comes to our lifestyle, what is the single most important act of personal accountability? A rather formidable question; however the answer is two words: Just Journal.

Wellness Coaching provides accountability, but at the same time we must also hold ourselves accountable. At the end of the day, we are the only one looking at ourselves in the mirror. Are you able to say you hit a 45 minute interval workout on the treadmill? Can you be honest with yourself and confidently say that you hit the 1500 calorie mark for the day?

and coaching function in the same exact approach; both provide honest, non-judgmental, and enlightening feedback. In a recent study by Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, participants who kept journals lost almost double the weight of non-journaling counterparts. More impressively, those who used a food journal more than 5 days a week lost twice as much as those who didn’t and the key here is that they kept the weight off (sustainability). 

According to most experts, accountability is the most important factor behind the success of any lifestyle change. Food journaling allows us to become fully aware of every single food substance we put in our bodies, increasing our awareness of cues, triggers, and foods that are contributing to weight gain. Further in the study, from ABC News, Dr. Victor Stevens stated that the power of journaling may not be enough: “some dieters may benefit further from joining an organized weight-loss program that provides social commitment and accountability.”

No matter what your next steps are – just journal. Americans spend roughly $35 Billion on weight-loss products a year when a pen and paper is more likely to do the trick.

At Hilton Head Health, we fully encourage all of our guests to record nutrition, stress, and exercise. Personally, I find that it’s most important to find a way of journaling that works BEST FOR YOU.  My way of journaling focuses on my motivators for leading a healthy lifestyle; this is where my friends and family come into play. Each year I create an updated motivational collage cover for my journal binder.  (Check out the picture below to see what I’m talking about). The motivational collage includes pictures of friends and family that were a big part of my journey for that year. Looking at the cover each evening has become a casual reminder to write down the events of the day including breakfast, lunch, dinner and all Metabo meals. In addition, I add interesting fitness and nutrition articles or notes on training for marathons in my binder. The binder has become my hub for my health and has been a huge reason to my ability to stay on track.


With that said, if you enjoy the pen and paper method, then I encourage you to make your own motivational cover sheets! If not, find out a journal technique that works for you. Check out five other journaling methods that I’ve used or heard or have worked for others due to convenience and affordability.

  1. Lose It! – iPhone, iPad, iPod
  2. My Food Diary – BlackBerry
  3. Weight Watches – iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry
  4. Fit Day – PC, Free account,
  5. Body Minder – Complete Daily Journal
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