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Coaching Corner: Check Your Relationships

Wellness CoachingEveryone tends to set goals year in and year out, but do you ever feel overwhelmed with the challenges you set for yourself? As if you just need an extra push to become a healthier you? The goal of the emerging field of wellness coaching is to provide that extra challenge. It’s difficult to get a positive perspective from our friends and family because at times they can be judgmental. Obviously these actions aren’t deliberate; it’s just a part of the way our relationships evolve.

The relationship with a wellness coach is very different. Coaches should never have a judgmental attitude and always aim to work with what their clients are doing well.  In most cases, finding the right coach will lead to positive movement and growth through a deep connection. Today, I want you to discover the being skills that make coaching work and for that matter any healthy relationship.

  • Mindfulness – Prerequisite for everything, when someone pays full attention to another in the moment
  • Empathy – The respectful understanding of another person’s experience, putting yourself in their shoes
  • Warmth – Kindness and the power to open people up, a genuine and caring attitude
  • Affirmation – True acceptance and appreciation, reframing negative energy to positive experiences
  • Calm – Remaining open minded, radiate confidence
  • Zest – My favorite J we’ve got to be optimistic with others – always excited for new opportunities!
  • Playfulness – Coaching and relationships work when there’s humor, must know how to laugh and have fun 
  • Courage and Authenticity – When conversation becomes real, deep connection will always reflect honest feedback

With that said, take notice of these traits in your relationships, not just coaching. I fully believe when we have friends, family or a health coach – that creates an environment using these being skills – change and becoming a healthier you is INEVITABLE.

Lastly, if you have some spare time, check out this cool 5 minute clip from ABC news with Harvard’s Dr. Edward Phillips and his perspective on the emerging wellness coaching field. The entire H3 program staff is on route to ACSM wellness coach certification through the program he mentions named WellCoaches.

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