• I would so not be where I am on my health journey without accountability. I truly believe this what has kept me going when I would long ago given up. my accountability this far has been mostly on-line. But, now with joining the YMCA locally I have found in-person accountability even more effective:) Now even more so NO excuses:)

    From Cynthia
    August 7, 2011

Coaching Corner: Account for Accountability in your workout partner

2:10:01 … Any significance? To Kenya’s, Nicholas Manza Kamyaka a whole bunch. In this year’s Australia Gold Coast Marathon, race organizers offered a $27,000 dollar bonus for any runner who broke a 2 hours and 10 minute finish time. Kamayaka happened to miss this time by a mere second; seems as though he had a decent amount of motivation involved with that race finish.
Next to motivation, I can’t think of a more important attribute to making lifestyle changes stick than accountability. In order to ensure success in the early stages we have to have some sort of accountability. When I first got back from my running certification, I was given a 6 week training course to “Better Run Technique.” In the first week, I did great and still had the motivation, but then it slowly faded. When week three rolled around, I was still doing the drills; however, the seriousness of the routine had taken a downfall.
Eventually, I decided we should implement a run technique class here at H3. I quickly got back on program and completed the 6 week program with success. I even reached out to my local CrossFit coach to check in on the drills and make sure he was practicing as I had. The fact is, I found some accountability along with the motivation. Even in prime training season as stay accountable to my roommate as we continual check up on how many times we’re getting out to run.

workout-partner-200With that said, not many things can make lifestyle change more productive or increase motivation like an accountability partner. No matter what your goals are, we have to find some sort of accountability in order to make changes lasting, at least in the early stages and here’s why:

No More Excuses
When we’re on our own and don’t have anything or anyone holding us accountable, we can easily rationalize plenty of excuses. Having a coach or someone holding you accountable makes it difficult to lie to yourself and in the end weakens any excuses.
Accountability Assets
A wellness coach or accountability partner (for example, exercise buddy or spouse) is someone who can help you stay on track when reaching for your goals. When they help you design and support you in a non-judgmental way they can be your biggest asset.

Encouraging Hand
Not every week is going to go exactly according to plan therefore what’s the fall back? Where do you go when the obstacles become overwhelming? Sometimes all it takes is someone else to just simply say “You’re Doing a Good Job.” Only a few encouraging words, but very pretty powerful.
To wrap up, let’s take it to my hometown of Boston and listen to Paul Pierce’s thoughts on accountability: “The biggest challenge for me, even as a professional athlete is being consistent week in and week out. It’s not just about being committed to the workout, but it’s about the lifestyle. Make the commitment and have someone there to hold you accountable.”

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