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Breaking the Routine

Everyone has fallen victim to a routine. It’s easy to find something that works and continue to do it over and over again. The problem though is that you get bored and so do your muscles. After boredom sets in, motivation begins to drop. Not to mention your workouts become less effective. The key is to keep your muscles and your mind guessing. We encourage you to try new things and keep that dreaded word “routine” out of your vocabulary.

With this month’s Trainer’s Palette we begin a new video series that does just that. With each video, a new group of muscles will be worked using a variety of equipment. Changing equipment is a great way to add variety to any strength training program. This month’s video will focus on the Back and Biceps. We will show you different ways to train these muscle groups using dumbbells, a resistance band and a Fitball.

This is just the beginning of the Breaking the Routine video series. Join Adam Martin, H3 Fitness Director, as he takes you step-by-step through each move. So let’s fight boredom and try some new exercises!

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