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    From Jeff
    May 19, 2011

Bike to Work Day 2011: Friday, May 20

Tomorrow please join HHH staff, guests, and alumni in supporting The League of American Bicyclists, as they nationally sponsor Bike to Work Day 2011: Friday, May 20. Instead of powering your day with the typical morning cup of java, power your day with some energy boosting physical activity!

 bike trail_2

Without further hesitation, go enliven that dormant bike you have stashed away in your garage. Begin your day by awakening your mind and energizing your body!


Read the tips below for your bike to work Friday 2011:


1. Bring a change of clothes. Especially a shirt and socks. Depending on the length of your commute and how hard you intend to ride, a change of clothes may be necessary.

2. Bring a washcloth. A wash rag in the bathroom sink works almost as well as a shower. Splash your face with water, apply deodorant and you’re good to go! Baby powder also helps soak up the oil and or sweat in your post cycle hair.

3. Allow yourself plenty of time. We don’t want your boss blaming “Bike to Work Day” for you missing the morning meeting.

4. Plan your route wisely. If you can avoid busy streets by taking bike trails, greenways or other alternate routes, do so—It will be safer and more enjoyable.

5. Wear a helmet. Safety first! Not all commuters are bike friendly and many drivers do not share the road well. Trust only yourself. 

6. Bring a light. If you’ll be riding home in the dark, be visible. You’ll need a headlight (or headlamp) and/or reflective clothing.

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