• I’m going to try this routine this weekend with my husband. I’m assuming a towel and water bottle are a must? :)

    From Nicki
    July 23, 2009

  • Haha, oh yes! We were sweating buckets just posing for the photos. Have fun and let me know how it goes!

    From Allie
    July 23, 2009

Backyard Blast Workout

Location: H3 Courtyard and Lawn


What You Need: Towel, Water Bottle, And Your Body!

Warm Up:

–       Walk for 5 min. around your backyard or neighborhood

–       30 high knees or march in place (low impact modification)

1) 10 Pushups: Start in plank position, lower your body until your elbows are at 90 degrees, exhale as you return to plank position. Make sure your back and bottom are in line. **Modification: knee pushups



2) 20 Body Weight Squats: Start with feet shoulder width apart, descend until thighs are parallel to the ground by sliding hips back (chest up, bottom out). Keep your weight in your heels, knees over ankles, and feet flat on the ground. Your knees should point in the same direction as your toes throughout the movement.



2) 30 Star Lunges (6 stars total): Start with feet together, step one leg forward and bend both knees to 90 degree angles, return to starting position (feet together). Repeat in the direction of each of the 5 points of a star (you will switch the moving leg halfway through the star).







3) 40 Donkey Kicks (20 on each leg): Start on all fours in table top position, lift one leg up and kick it straight in the air, try to kick as high as possible without arching the back,  moving the heel towards the sky. Lower your leg until your knee is just below parallel to the floor. Repeat the kick on the opposite leg.



4) Cardio Blast: 50 jumping jacks

5) 40 side leg lifts (20 each side): Lie on your side, using your elbow for support. Keeping your legs straight, raise one leg 1-2 feet off the ground and return to starting position



6) 30 bicycle crunches: Lie on your back and place both hands by your ears.  Lift shoulders and straighten legs about 6 inches above the ground.  Bring your opposite elbow to opposite knee, then rotate. Make sure to look up, keeping a space between your chin and chest.


7) 20 tricep dips: Turn your back to a bench or chair. Place hands on the edge of the bench and step feet out so your body makes an L-shape. The farther out your feet, the harder the move. Keeping your bottom close to the bench and arms close to your side, bend elbows and lower body down. Straighten arms and return to starting position.



8 ) 10 walk down pushups or knee pushups: Squat down, place both hands on floor and walk them out to a pushup position. Complete one pushup and walk back to squat position. Stand back up. Repeat.








9) Cardio Blast: 3 min. step up/down on curb/stairs: Step up with right leg, then step up with left leg. Step back down with right leg, followed by left leg. After the halfway point, lead with the left leg (step up with left first).

10) 40 side bends: Stand up straight, hands behind your head, bend sideways at the waist with one elbow toward the ground and one towards the sky. Alternate sides.



11) 20 stand up back extensions: Stand up straight with knees slightly bent, hands behind the head, bend forward at the waist until chest is parallel to the floor, then return to upright position



12) 40 russian twists: Sit on the floor, legs slightly bent, both hands touching just beside the hip, rotate left to right. *To make this move more challenging, try lifting the feet slightly off the ground.



13) 20 full extensions: Lying on back, hands extended behind you, sit up into a full crunch bringing hands in front of your body.



14) 40 scissor kicks: Sitting down and lying on your back, bring feet up 6 inches. Keeping your core engaged, criss cross your legs as you alternate feet on top. 



15) 20 toe taps: While lying on your back, bring your left leg over your body and tap your toe on the ground to the right side of your body, repeat with right leg.



16) Cardio Blast: jump rope in place

Cool Down: Walk for 5 min. around your backyard or neighborhood

Don’t forget to stretch!

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