Attention iPhone Addicts

Phone-HomeLooking for an easy way to track your jogs/walks and bike rides without spending a lot of money on a fancy gadget?


The Runmeter app for iPhones turns your cell into a GPS using your 3G network.  The app keeps all of your work-out stats on your phone – so you don’t have to sync it to a special program.  It keeps track of your speed, distance, elevation, calories, and more – and even gives you an audio update (through your iTunes). 


Not only is the app motivational while using it (you can set the audio updates as often as you like), but you can challenge yourself against your previous stats.  You can even challenge your friends by sending your route via email or Twitter. 


The only downfall is that the app doesn’t capture your heart rate, so you would want to monitor this with a heart rate wrist monitor or intermittent heart rate checks throughout your workout!  Check out Amber’s post on how to determine your heart rate range.


Visit the iTunes store to purchase this app. 


Features include:

–  Record new routes by just running them for the first time

–  Race your existing routes, comparing your current run to your best, median, and worst runs

–  See a map of your route, including real-time markers comparing your current run against your best, median, and worst runs

–  See graphs of pace and elevation as you run

–  View a calendar of your runs, showing how your runs compared.

–  See a summary by week, month, and year of your total distance, average pace, and total climb

–  Forget your iPhone on a run? No problem, just enter your data after your run

–  Tilt your iPhone to landscape to see the map or graph

–  Listen to music or podcasts while running, including changing tracks


Visit the Runmeter website to take a picture tour of these features.

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