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Ask the Expert: Muscle Soreness

Q: Should I still exercise if I’m still a little sore from yesterday’s workout?


Jessica LynnA: Jessica Lynn, B.S., ACSM Health Fitness Specialist®: 

Soreness can be a barrier for many people in maintaining a consistent exercise program, especially when you are just starting out.  It is common to be sore after starting a new program or trying a new activity.  It’s important to plan in some low to moderate days of exercise so that you keep your body moving.  Taking several days off after a hard workout does not help you prevent the soreness from coming back – in fact, the soreness may linger for a longer period of time. But if you try some low impact activity (swimming, biking, or walking) at a lower intensity, the day after a moderate to high day of exercise, the movement of your body helps rid the lactic acid from your muscles and will help prevent (or lessen) the soreness from coming back the next time your perform your intense routine. 


If you’ve been to H3, consider the intensity level of your Thermal walks – a leisurely paced activity to promote blood flow through the muscles and rid them of the toxins that promote soreness.  Strength training recommendations already include 48hrs rest between training sessions – if your muscles are still very sore after 1 day of rest, then try reducing your weights and still performing the exercises at your next session.  Remember, the goal is to train your body to remember these new movements and adapt – and our bodies usually need a few practice runs to do that.  


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