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10 Tips for Injury Prevention

Follow these 10 tips for injury prevention – and stay off the bench!

1.        Make sure you have the proper shoes – Today’s running shoes come in three types; cushion, stability and motion control.  If you have a low arch or pronation you should be wearing a shoes with some support.  Consult with a professional for the best advice. 

2.       Keep a neutral spine while weightlifting – To do so you should squeeze your belly button toward your spine and tighten your glutes simultaneously.

3.       Drink water before, during and after exercise – You should drink 8 ounces of water before, 8 ounces for every hour of exercise and 8 ounces of water after the bout of exercise.

4.       Start slow and build slow while lifting weights – You should always change the sets or repetitions before you change the weight.

5.       Warm-Up and Cool-Down – Spend 5 -10 minutes warming up and cooling down.  This will help increase blood flow to the target muscles, making them more pliable.

6.       Stretch – This will help loosen your muscles prior to exercise giving them slightly more elasticity.  Watch my video on the basic stretches here.

7.       Don’t believe the “No pain, No gain theory” – When resistance training your body needs 24-48 hours to recover.

8.       Avoid holding your breath during strength training – This will increase your blood pressure and may cause you to become light headed.

9.       Be aware of environmental factors – Make sure to dress appropriately for the climate and bring plenty of water.  In warm weather wear light clothing to allow your body to breath.  In cold weather wear layers.

10.   LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – It is an incredible indicator of the intensity of your workout.  Your body will tell you when you should slow down or speed up, it’s when our brain impedes that we begin to experience problems.

Follow these tips and you are sure to keep in tip-top shape!

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