• Adam,

    You absolutely have to add BuddyBug or GoWear by BodyMedia to your top ten Health & Wellness gadgets. It has been a big part of my H3 experience.

    From V.
    January 21, 2010

  • Hey V,

    Body Bugg was so 2009! Just kidding. I think the Body Bugg is an incredible product. It was actually named by Science Magazine as the best Health product for 2008.


    From Adam
    January 21, 2010

10 Best Fitness Gadgets for 2010


1.  Nike + Sportband

The upgraded version of the Nike+iPod system, the Nike+ Sportband can “talk” with a sensor in your sneaker to give you all the details (time, pace, distance) about your run, and will even automatically upload the information to Nike’s training site so you can track your workouts. If you don’t want an extra accessory, check out the Nike+iPod Sport Kit.




2.  Wi-Fi Body Scale


Social media meets your bathroom scale. The Wi-Fi Body Scale won’t just tell you your weight, it’ll share it. The scale has a built-in wireless connection that it uses to send your weight and body fat information straight to your iPhone, your web page, and even the Twitterverse.


3.  Phillips Activa

The Philips Activa music player has a unique feature called ‘TempoMusic,’ which “analyzes your music library to later match songs to your aerobic intensity,” notes Engadget. “Activa can help keep you motivated by shouting out feedback on your progress in addition to words of encouragement while automatically selecting the appropriate music to match the pace of your workout or give you a boost when needed.




4.  Gruve

The Gruve sets off an alarm when you’ve been lazy. The device, which measures the number of calories you burn during the day, will light up and buzz if you’ve been sedentary for too long. The brainchild of the Mayo clinic’s Dr. Jim Levine, Gruve will also keep track of your movement during the day and compare the number of calories burned to your predetermined goal.




5.  Wii Fit

Who says video games can’t make you sweat? The Wii Fit uses a Wii balance board, and the Wii video game system, to help users get a workout, whether it’s yoga or aerobics, ski jumping or jogging. It will also help you create custom routines, and offers features to track the number of calories you’ve burned.




6.  Fitbit

Clip the Fitbit onto your shirt, belt, or armband, and the slim gadget, essentially an accelerometer, will track all your movement during the day then report back on your activity. The motion-detecting sensor will digitally record the distance you’ve walked or run; the number of calories you’ve burned; the number of steps you’ve taken; and even your sleep patterns.




7.  Dancepants Kinetic Music Player

The conceptual Dancepants Kinetic Music Player puts an unusual twist on fitness-oriented personal music players–and provides some major motivation to keep moving. Users have to run to keep the music playing, powering their tunes off their own momentum.




8.  Samsung MyFit

Samsung boasts the MyFit is more than just a music player, it’s a ‘wellness device.’ The gadget is equipped with sensors designed to track fat, stress, and motion. In addition to playing music, it’ll also let users record their caloric intake, and compare that to the number of calories burned during a workout.






9.  miCoach

Adidas’ answer to the Nike+iPod, the miCoach Pacer is an MP3-synced pedometer, heart rate monitor, and calorie counter. It also offers real-time, customized coaching: the miCoach “verbally coaches the runner (i.e. speed up to green zone, slow down to blue zone, etc.) to ensure that they are staying within their targeted heart rate zone and keeps them running at the right personal level,” according to the product description.



10.  Tweet What You Eat

Tweet What You Eat (TWYE), dubbed the “Twitter diet,” is a Twitter-based food diary that lets you broadcast, in real time, everything you eat and how many calories you’ve ingested. The application includes a ‘CrowdCal system,’ a crowdsourced calorie database, to help you track your caloric intake.





Source  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/19/best-fitness-tech-gadgets_n_428212.html

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