About the Blog

Is the blog for H3 Guests only?

No, the blog is open to all readers! We hope that the information will motivate readers to start or continue living a healthy lifestyle.  Share the recipes and workouts with your friends and family!

How/where do I post a question?

Email cmaddox@hhhealth.com or if you think other readers may have a similar question, make a comment on any post.

About the Program

What happens in a typical day?

Each day at Hilton Head Health is full of a wide variety of fitness options, nutritional/cooking activities, and sessions focusing on topics such as stress management, diet, motivation, and self discovery. See how you can experience your perfect day at Hilton Head Health weight loss spa by visiting A Typical Day. Also visit our Sample Schedule, where you can see how each class fits to create a week-long experience at Hilton Head Health, fit for you.

Is your program coeducational?

Yes. Both men and women attend our program. In fact, we encourage couples to come together.

Will I have one-on-one consultation with staff?

Yes. As a part of experience at Hilton Head Health, each Guest will receive a 45-minute Health Habit Review focusing on goal setting, motivation, and individual screening results. Our Health Staff members are easily accessible and we encourage questions during seminars and group sessions.

What are my fitness options?

Our goal is for you to establish a realistic fitness regimen that you will be able to continue at home. We offer a wide variety of fitness classes and activities for each fitness and ability levels. Those with physical limitations find that our individualized approach meets their needs. Take a look at the Sample Schedule to get see your fitness class options.

I have high blood pressure and my husband has diabetes. Is this program safe for us?

Yes. In fact, it’s just what you need! Our nutrition plan, a low fat, low sodium, high complex carbohydrate, high fiber diet is in keeping with the national medical recommendations for treatment of these conditions. And the weight loss you will experience will help you keep your symptoms under control.

I have food allergies. May I still come?

Yes. If your allergies are not too extensive, we can accommodate you. Please discuss your specific requirements with your Consultant prior to arrival (use our toll free number — 1-800-292-2440).

I am a vegetarian. Is this program for me?

Hilton Head Health weight loss spa provides a vegetarian option for each meal.

Who is right for Hilton Head Health?

H3 welcomes all! Our schedule is designed so that it can be tailored for each Individual. Whether you’re a college student looking to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle on your own, or a full-time professional who needs a change of pace or a retired professional who needs a healthy refresher, we’ve got a program for you.

What is the minimum age requirement?

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the Hilton Head Health experience.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions here – give us a call at 800 – 292 – 2440!  We would love to help you begin the journey to a healthy lifestyle!


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