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Fitness Friday: H3 TRX Workout

Here at Hilton Head Health, we strive to provide the  most challenging and exciting workout routines to help our Guests reach their personal weight loss and wellness goals with our weight loss program and wellness program. When you try new fitness equipment and throw in different variations to your normal routine,  it can help you stay motivated to keep up your new, healthy lifestyle. Today, we have a full body TRX workout to help you get one step closer to your fitness, weight loss and wellness goals.

For the best results, perform 3 sets of 15 reps of each exercise.

1. Squat – Lower Body

2. Row – Upper Body

3. Lunge  - Lower Body

4. Push up – Upper Body

5. Sit ups / Planks – Core

Here’s a video to show you the best techniques for each exercise using the TRX straps.

We hope that you enjoy your TRX workout! What was your favorite new workout that you tried at Hilton Head Health during your stay participating in our weight loss program or wellness program?


Fitness Friday: The 5 Best Old School Exercises

At Hilton Head Health, we understand that it can be difficult to choose the best fitness options for you with such a great variety of workouts these days. That’s why we’ve created a personalized weight loss program, wellness program and variety of fitness regimens and classes for all our guests to help them reach their individual weight loss and wellness goals and achieve lasting results.

Today, we’ve decided to pull out 5 simple, classic and old school exercises that have been proven to work over the years. These workouts (in one sequence) form a full-body, fat burning workout routine that is fun to do!

First, start by walking.

  1.  Walking: 30 minutes

One of the easiest forms of exercise for most people, walking has been proven time and again to have many health benefits.  Research has shown that walking just 30 minutes or more a day can help:

  • reduce the risk of heart disease
  • improve blood pressure, blood sugar levels and blood lipid profile
  • manage body weight and reduce the risk of obesity
  • enhance mental well being
  • reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • reduce the risk of certain cancers
  • lower the risk of type 2 diabetes

After the walk complete 1 set of each exercise, then repeat the cycle until you have done each exercise 3 times.

  1. Squats: 15-20 Squats per set

Squatting is one of the most functional exercises we can do.  We use a squatting motion all the time in daily life, from getting out of a chair to bending down to pick up something off the floor, being able to properly squat is crucial to staying mobile.  Squats are more than a leg exercise.  Squats are a whole body movement which when done properly:

  • works the core,
  • improves balance and mobility,
  • help burn fat,
  • improve bone health
  • and possibly reduce the likelihood of injury.
  1. Push-ups:  As many push ups as you can do

This is one of the best exercises to work the upper body, push-ups can be done anywhere and require no equipment whatsoever.  Push-ups deliver a lot of bang for your buck, as they work the:

  • chest,
  • shoulders,
  • triceps
  • and core muscles all at once.
  1. Plank: 30 seconds (Try to work your way up to 1 minute.)

Planks are one of the best exercises to work the entire core: abdominals, lower back, and postural muscles, glutes, and hip muscles.  Planks can help:

  • to prevent back injuries
  • and increase your stability during all other exercises.
  1. Fire-Hydrants: 10-15 on each leg per set

Fire-Hydrants activate and strengthen the glutes and hip muscles which are often weak and imbalanced on people, especially runners. Focus on keeping good form with your hips level the whole time.

For more direction and modifications of the workout routine, check out this video-

We hope that enjoy this fat burning, full-body workout routine! Which of these old-school, classic exercises are your favorite?


Fitness Friday: H3 4th of July Ab Routine

Happy, healthy 4th of July from Hilton Head Health! We’ve structured our weight loss program and wellness program to include an element of fun with recreational and adventure offerings. Since we’re all about having a good time, we don’t want you to miss a second of the fireworks! So here’s a quick 3 move ab and oblique routine to get in your work out for the day and get one step closer to your weight loss and wellness goals.

  1. Plank with a twist
  2. Bicycle
  3. Ball toss with a twist

Have a happy, safe, and healthy 4th of July!


Fitness Friday: Fat Burning and Muscle Building Fitness Challenge

Here at Hilton Head Health, we understand that the key to wellness and weight loss is as unique and different as all of our guests. That’s why we offer personalized programs that help you achieve your goals on your own level and at your own pace.

​We also believe in helping you achieve your long term, long-lasting weight loss and wellness goals. So today on the blog, here is what I will offer you…

Complete this body weight routine, keeping written records of each workout and the time it takes you to complete each portion, until you can accomplish each portion at the desired intensity. Email your statistics to and I will send you a 4-6 week routine that will build off this foundation you’ve created for yourself and have you in possibly the best physical shape of your life.

Here’s the workout:

• Run 0.5 miles

Complete the following 5 exercises 1 round at a time (round 1 = 1 reps of each exercise, round 2 = 2 reps of each exercise, up to 5 rounds or 5 reps of each exercise)

• The modified ‘Man Maker’

o 1 rep = walking lunge (1 lunge per leg) drop to push-up position and perform one push-up, while maintaining the push-up position, perform the T Plank (rotate your body so that one hand is pointing toward the sky, repeat on opposite side), jump both feet in toward your chest, then stand and reach over head as if you are performing an overhead press

*It is important to note that this move contains 4 moves in one to complete one rep; DO NOT perform consecutive reps of each portion of the exercise (ex: 3 consecutive push-ups in round three then 3 consecutive T Planks) this is the easy way out. Don’t take the easy way out.

• Crunchy Frog

• Cross-Knee Burpee

o 1 rep = from the standing position, drop to the push up position (don’t do a push-up) take you right knee to the left elbow, then the left knee to the right elbow, jump both feet in toward your chest, then jump 6-12” reaching for the sky

• Single Leg ‘V’-Up

o 1 rep each leg = 1 total rep

• Star Jump

Do this until you can complete the run in 5 minutes, and the exercises in 30 for a total of 35 minutes.  Once you have done that, increase the distance of the run to 1 mile until you can complete the run in 10 minute and the exercises in 25 minutes for a total of 35 minutes…notice a trend?  Last progression; increase the distance of the run to 1.5 miles.  Work to complete the run in 15 minutes or less and the exercises in 20 minutes or less completing the entire workout in 35 minutes or less.

Once you have done this and recorded your results for each day regardless of how long it takes you to do it (record run time, record exercise time, and record total time to account for total rest), then you will have not only built a functional foundation for an intense fat burning, muscle building workout, but you will have gotten yourself in considerable shape in regards to the general population (this is an opinion, not a statistic, and is based on the fact that in order to enlist in the United States Marine Corps and participate in recruit training, you must be capable of running 1.5 miles in 15 minutes or less for females, 13 and a half for males).  I will then send you your 4-6 week plan.

I encourage you to accept this challenge and start the new beginning of your healthier, happier, and more capable life.


Fitness Friday: The H3 World Cup Workout

Here at Hilton Head Health, we love to make our workouts and activities fun, varied, and effective. So, this week we decided to pull some inspiration from the World Cup. We’ve created a fun, fat burning workout designed to help you reach your weight loss and wellness goals. Whether you play soccer or just love to watch, grab a soccer ball and enjoy this full body fitness workout.

Perform all 5 exercises for 30 seconds each, then take a 30 second break. After your break, repeat this process 5 times.

Lower Body and Core

  • Toe Taps
  • Mountain Climbers or Burpees
  • Lunge with a twist

Upper Body and Core

  • Push ups


  • Knee ups or Pass throughs




Coaching Corner: The 3 Components of Functional Fitness

Gym memberships are at an all-time high. High intensity, maximum effort fitness trends (running, CrossFit, Interval Training, marathons, triathlons….) have us pushing ourselves to exhaustion. We see our bodies changing: losing weight, building muscles, and carving out those 6-pack abs. So, why do we find ourselves experiencing muscle strains or tears cleaning out the garage or backaches from washing the car or a stiff neck from spending too long surfing the Internet?

iStock 000003602758XSmall Coaching Corner: The 3 Components of Functional Fitness

The reason may very well be that your exercise regiment is lacking in FUNCTIONAL fitness. This is the type of training that prepares our bodies for everyday life. It helps us keep our bodies strong enough to perform simple daily activities, i.e. house chores, carrying groceries, getting up from a chair, reaching up in a cupboard, bending over to tie our shoes or cooking a meal. The exercises mimic real-world activities that are performed in real-life positions.

Not everyone aspires to be an athlete. Some of the population simply desires to be strong and healthy and able to carry on their daily activities without fear of injury or falling. The exercises in a functional fitness program are basic, low-impact, easy to follow and best of all can typically be performed at home with no equipment. All you need is your own body. The benefits are huge, including improvement in endurance, range of motion, posture and core strength.

There are three main components to functional fitness:

  1. AGILITY: Agility enables your body to move in multiple directions, stop and start movements suddenly and respond quickly to sudden changes (such as trying to catch a box dropping off of the counter). Without agility, you are more likely to strain/tear muscles or tendons when forced to react quickly to a situation.
  1. STRENGTH: A strong body is a confident body. Strength training helps you build and tone muscles, increases metabolism which in turn helps to burn fat, improves bone density and boosts energy levels and mood. You want to be able to pick up a basket of laundry, lift a bag of dog food, push a table aside to clean or pull a child in a wagon.
  1. BALANCE: In general, balance exercises help us stabilize our bodies, improve our alignment/posture and strengthen our core muscles. As we age, balance becomes an increasing concern, because balance in our bodies diminishes. Proper exercises help us to reduce the risk of falls or injury, as well as, prepare the body to react more instinctively and efficiently if such an event should occur.

Many of the best activities to enhance functional fitness are activities you probably already do. But, it’s never too late to add a few more from the list below to optimize your fitness level:

  • Dancing
  • Power Walking
  • Bike Riding
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Gardening
  • Tennis
  • Golfing
  • Swimming


Wellness Wednesday: 4 Weight Loss Tips for Men


Let’s face it. Weight loss can be difficult but using these 4 tips can help you take small steps towards weight loss success.


  1. Make the Most of your Muscles: One of the greatest ways to speed up your metabolism is to increase your muscle mass. Consider this: 1 lb of fat burns about 2-3 calories/hour versus 1 lb of muscle burns about 7-10 calories/hour. Imagine if you gained 2 lbs of muscle… in a 24 hour time span, you could burn up to 480 MORE calories/day (simply by existing) than you did beforeAs a man, you have a huge advantage in using this strategy to your benefit. Due to your testosterone levels, it is much easier to put on muscle mass at a quicker rate than women.


  • To build muscle mass add 2-3 days of full body strength training to your week
  • Give each muscle group 48 hours of rest before working that same group again. (If you work your upper body on Monday wait until Wednesday before you work it again. Work your lower body or core on Tuesday, instead.)


  1. Lift your Legs: Typically, we men like to work our upper bodies. We like to do the bench press and the bicep curl, be proud of our strength and call it a day. There is nothing wrong with doing those exercises. The problem is when we neglect strength training in the rest of our body, specifically the LOWER body. BIG MISTAKE. Especially, if your goal is to increase your metabolism and lose weight. Your legs contain the LARGEST muscle groups in the entire body. Therefore, the quickest way to increase your metabolism is to increase the muscle mass in your legs. Make lower body strength training a priority in your strength training routine. Don’t discontinue the other exercises that you enjoy more, but schedule in some time for the lower body.


  • Building lower body strength can be as simple as using your body weight.
  • Try body squats (standing up from a chair) and alternating backward lunges.


  1. Improve Your Posture: Poor posture typically leads to tight muscles and joint pain. Research from the Yale School of Medicine has correlated back pain with overeating. The correlation shows that those with chronic back pain are less likely to feel full from snacking than those without back pain. While it is still unclear why this is, the correlation is still there. The most well accepted theory right now is that the pleasure one gets from overeating helps the body to cope with the pain. If this is true for just back pain, imagine what might happen when other joint pain is added on top of that. Not only that, but research demonstrates that improved posture leads to improved mood and confidence. Those who feel better and more confident are more likely to take care of themselves, wouldn’t you agree?


  • Improving your posture means strengthening your core (abdominals and glutes) and working on flexibility.
  • Flexibility allows for greater range of motion at each joint as well as reduced joint pain.
  • Core strength improves daily posture without having to even think about it.


  1. Change up your Routine: It is not uncommon for men to reach a plateau in their weight loss journey before reaching their goal weight. Maybe this is happening to you right now and you are confused because you are working your butt off! Men tend to find something that they are good at and stick with it. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great quality to have. Please continue to build on your strengths to help you progress forward. Having said that, it may not be productive to do the same workouts all the time. The better you get at a workout, the more efficient your body gets at doing it. What do I mean by that? I mean that the workout that has been working so well up until now might not work as well, if you do it regularly. From a skill performance standpoint, this is great! But from a weight loss standpoint, this could slow you down.


  • The change up does not have to be drastic.
  • Example: If you are someone who goes for long enjoyable bike rides often, your change-up options might be:
  1. Shorter more intense bike rides
  2. Interval bike riding (Ex: 30 seconds fast/30 seconds slow for 10 minutes)
  3. Going for a swim
  4. Going for a fun
  5. Going for a power walk



Fitness Friday: H3 Summer Biking Guide

Biking is awesome exercise but you should be properly prepared before you start pedaling this summer. Use these tips and benefits so you can bike like a pro!

HiltonHeadHealth Biking  2 1024x682 Fitness Friday: H3 Summer Biking Guide

1. Pre-ride Checklist:

  • Check your tire pressure.
  • Seat Height – when standing on the ground, your seat should be at your hip height. When sitting on your bike, the leg which is extended should have a soft knee (not completely straight but not too bent either).
  • Grab your helmet.
  • Fill your water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • Make sure you have a blinker/reflector if you’re riding at night.
  • Wear bright/neon clothing on dark or rainy days.
  • Plan your route before you start riding.
  • Wearing headphones/earbuds is highly not recommended.

2. Sitting Properly:

  • Practice good posture – sit up straight and remember to not slump over the handle bars.
  • Knees should bend with your knee caps facing forward, not out to the sides.
  • Knees should never hyperextend, always keep a slight bend at full extension.

3. Riding Etiquette:

  • Ride in the same direction of traffic.
  • If there is a bike lane, USE IT.
  • Use signals to indicate turns and stops.
  • Follow all traffic signals.
  • Always pass on the left, and verbally communicate when passing: “coming up on your left” or “passing on your left”.
  • Be predictable. Make drivers, other bikers and pedestrians aware of your actions.
  • Give yourself space between other bikers, pedestrians, and cars.

4. Benefits of biking:

  • Reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Strengthens your quads, hamstrings, calves and abdominals.
  • Low impact exercise with less wear and tear on your joints.
  • Get great exercise and take some time for yourself while riding to and from work!
  • Increase energy AND boost endorphins!
  • Biking is a cardio workout, therefore, strengthening the heart and improving oxygen exchange to the whole body.

Get out and RIDE!! Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful environment around you!



Friday Fitness: Office Fit – 7 Exercises to Do at Your Desk

During the week, how much of your time  is spent sitting?

The answer is probably too much.

For some, getting up early to work out or trying to find the time after work, with family or household commitments, is challenging. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually get some of your workout in during the day at your desk and leave more time after work for family or other activities? These exercises won’t take the place of a regular cardio or strength training program but they will help to keep muscles toned and relaxed. Here are 7 exercises that can be done right at your desk with no equipment needed.

1. Shoulder circles – to relieve stress that can result from hunching over your keyboard:

Sitting tall, roll shoulders up by the ears and slide the shoulder blades down your back 10-12 times.  Then do the same with a forward motion, trying to open the space between your shoulder blades.

Shoulder 300x300 Friday Fitness: Office Fit   7 Exercises to Do at Your Desk


2. Knee raises – to tone your thighs and stabilize your core:

Pull knees up to your chest, alternating legs.  Try to pull up with the quadriceps and stay sitting tall to keep the core muscles activated.

KneeRaises 300x176 Friday Fitness: Office Fit   7 Exercises to Do at Your Desk


3. Leg extensions – to strengthen thighs and stretch hip flexors:

Sitting in your chair, keep knee bent and raise your right foot up a few inches from the floor. Extend the leg straight out in front of you, thigh in line with your hip. Return to start for one repetition.  Aim for 10-12 on your right leg and repeat with your left leg for one set.

LegExt1 165x300 Friday Fitness: Office Fit   7 Exercises to Do at Your Desk


4. Tricep dips – (in your chair) to strengthen the back of the arms:

Put your hands on the arm rests of your chair and raise your body up and off the seat, pushing through the backs of your arms. Raise and lower without coming all the way down to a seated position for one repetition. Repeat 10-12 times for one set.

Tricep 300x149 Friday Fitness: Office Fit   7 Exercises to Do at Your Desk


5. Knee to elbows – alternating side to side to work the obliques:

Sitting tall, rotate to the right side and bring your left elbow toward your right knee. Rotate to the other side bringing your right elbow towards your left knee for one repetition.   Aim for 10-12 repetitions on each side for one set.

Knee2Elbows 300x150 Friday Fitness: Office Fit   7 Exercises to Do at Your Desk


6. Spinal stretch:  to alleviate back tightness and enhance spinal flexibility.

Sitting tall in your chair, rotate to the right by lightly placing your hands on the right arm or the back of your chair. Then turn to look over your right shoulder, keeping shoulders down and relaxed while rotating through the waist.

Spinal 300x150 Friday Fitness: Office Fit   7 Exercises to Do at Your Desk


7. Neck and ankle circles:  to enhance ankle and neck mobility and alleviate tightness.

Sitting tall with your shoulders relaxed, slowly rotate the head all the way around 10 times and repeat in the other direction. The same can be done with the ankles, keeping the foot and ankle relaxed.

Neck Ankle 300x300 Friday Fitness: Office Fit   7 Exercises to Do at Your Desk


Extra Office Fit Tip: Try to walk around every two hours or so to not only get more steps in but prevent blood pooling in the lower extremities and be sure to keep hydrated during the day. Just these few changes and exercises can keep you happier and healthier at work.


Fitness Friday: Fun & Fit – The Beach Body Guide

When the sun’s shining and you want to be nowhere else but the beach, try this workout to get some Vitamin D and a banging beach body. Who says you can’t enjoy some sand and sun and get a great workout, too! Check out these lower body, upper body, and core exercises to do while at the beach!

  • Legs:

1. Side Leg lifts (Outer Thigh):

Holding on to a beach chair, lift and lower your leg, keeping your toes pointing in the same direction you are facing.

(Do 3 sets of 20 on each leg)


SideLeg 300x187 Fitness Friday: Fun & Fit   The Beach Body Guide

2. Squat (Quad/Glutes):

Sit your butt back to your beach chair and stand right back up. Keeping your knees behind your toes, lower your butt back first and then down to the chair, either sitting all the way down or just tapping the seat and standing back up. Keep your weight on your heels and your chest up as you lower yourself to the chair.

(Do 3 sets of 10)

SquatGood 300x268 Fitness Friday: Fun & Fit   The Beach Body Guide


3. Rear Leg Lift (Hamstrings/Glutes):

On hands and knees, extend one leg and extend it straight behind you until it hits the sand. Then lift your leg straight to the sky with your heel pointed up and lower down to the sand.

(Do 3 sets of 20 on each leg)

RearLift 253x300 Fitness Friday: Fun & Fit   The Beach Body Guide


4. Lunge & Knee Balance (Hamstring/Glutes):

Holding a towel overhead, split your stance, keeping both knees at 90 degrees, lower your back knee toward the sand. Push off your front heel to stand up on one leg with a knee lift. Then lower your knee back to lunge position.

(Do 3 sets of 10 on each leg)

Lunge 300x225 Fitness Friday: Fun & Fit   The Beach Body Guide


  • Upper Body:

1. Chair dips (Triceps): With finger tips facing you, bend your elbows and lower your bottom close to the chair then extend and push through the palms of your hands. Keep hips close to your hands. To make it more challenging: extend your legs straight and do the same movement.

(Do 3 sets of 10)

Chair 300x175 Fitness Friday: Fun & Fit   The Beach Body Guide


2. Push-up (Chest): On your mat, place your hands just outside your shoulders and in a plank position – lower yourself toward the towel (an inch above the towel) and push back up to the starting plank position. Modification:  Lower knees to the towel.

(Do 3 sets of 10)

ActualPushUp 300x225 Fitness Friday: Fun & Fit   The Beach Body Guide


  • Core:

1. Plank (Abdominals): Holding in the top of a push-up position, create one straight line from your tailbone to your head. Pull your belly button to your spine and keep your hips in line with your spine.

(Do 3-30 to 60 second planks)

PushUpGood 300x225 Fitness Friday: Fun & Fit   The Beach Body Guide


2. In and outs (Abdominals): Pull both knees together and using a towel for additional support, put the towel behind your hamstrings. Then extend your legs away from you, holding for 2 seconds and then bring your knees back to the chest.

(Do 3 sets of 10)

To make it more challenging: place the towel on top of your legs and then reach overhead as you extend your legs, then return back to starting position.

(Do 3 sets of 10)

InandOut 300x233 Fitness Friday: Fun & Fit   The Beach Body Guide


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