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Bring Friends and Save

BandS4 16 300x163 Bring Friends and Save


Laugh, sweat and reconnect!

Experience H3 with loved ones and strengthen the bond between you. Here you will create life-long memories supporting each other in weight loss or jumpstarting a healthy routine. And when you travel and stay together everyone SAVES. *


BandS4 162 Bring Friends and Save



BandS4 163 Bring Friends and Save



*Savings based on a preferred villa. All guests in your party must stay in the same villa. Three bedroom accommodations are available, but in limited supply. $1000 deposit due at time of booking, balance payable at check-in. Should a member of your party cancel or reschedule the rate will be adjusted.


Devin’s Dash recap!

ddashcoll 420x420 300x300 Devins Dash recap!

What a wonderful time we had once again for our 4th Annual Devin’s Dash 5k run/walk, through the luxurious shipyard plantation starting and ending at Hilton Head Health!

Followed by raffle ticket drawings, live music, yoga, and H3 smoothies at the pool.

All proceeds went towards sending local children with pediatric cancer to Happiness is Camping in memory of Devin Sheaffer, Hilton Head’s beloved massage therapist.

$5,000 was raised with over 100 participants

Listed below are our winners:

(m) Nathan Mckee from Ripley with a time of 18.38!

(f) Sarah Allers, from Columbia with a time of 21.00!

View the complete results of  Devin’s Dash Memorial 5k!

Thank you all for the donations!

Looking forward to seeing everyone come out next year!


Son Of A Bridge

bridge run Son Of A Bridge

by Kelly Milgie:

For those of you who read my last blog post, you may remember I have been training for my first 10K.  I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K on March 31 and am proud to say I survived!  Though the day did not go as smoothly as I had hoped, after 01:06:40 and I crossed the finish line!

When my alarm went off at 4:30 that morning, I woke up excited and ready to go.  I had invested much of my free time training and the day had finally come. H3 @ Home Wellness Coach Amy Kelderhouse spent much of the morning reminding me to stay hydrated, eat breakfast and stretch.  It was about a half hour commute from where we were staying in Charleston to where the race began inMt.Pleasant. When entering Mt.Pleasant, I found out this race had 43,000 participants (a bit of information that Allison and Amy forgot to mention when they encouraged me to sign up for the race). They also failed to mention that we would begin running in waves.  The scheduled start time was 8:00 AM so around 6:30 AM Amy went up front to her wave and Allison and I got in line with our group.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but Allison did a great job distracting me until it was almost time to start. 

8:00 AM came and went and no one had begun running.  Next thing we knew it was after 8:30, and though there were announcements and music, no one filled us in on what was going on.  Long story short, my wave did not begin running until 9:30. By this time, I was hungry and a little discouraged but still excited to finally begin. 

The first mile was very smooth, taking Allison and I 09:40…. And then we hit the bridge, which to my disbelief was one mile uphill!  I had spent a decent amount of time training on the bridge here on Hilton Head, but it definitely did not prepare me for this! Another challenge I encountered was having to speed up to go around the people who stopped to walk or were jogging at a slower pace than I was (this is challenging for me to do in general, but running up hill made it even more difficult). To top it off, it was a rather windy day and we were of course running against the wind! Finally, we made it to the top of the never ending hill and I felt a bit of relief.  The rest of the race was spent trying to weave around the walkers and enjoying the entertainment that was taking place along the route.

When we finally crossed the finish line I had mixed emotions.  Though I did not have a specific time goal, I was hoping to be close to 60:00 and going over by 6 minutes was a little discouraging.  Then I allowed myself to realize that I just did something I had never done before and that is something to be proud of! Not only did I complete at 10K (without stopping to walk), one mile of it was up hill and the entire 6.2 miles were spent weaving around other participants.  I am pretty sure this was the hardest thing I have ever physically done but also one of the best things I have ever done.

After writing my last post, H3 Alum Lyle Orr commented that Amy and Jeff would have me running a ½ marathon before I knew it… Well Lyle, you were right – I plan to run the Disney ½ marathon in November – training begins soon!

kelly allison amy Son Of A Bridge

Amy, Kelly and Allison the morning of the race

Have you enjoyed reading about Kelly’s race exerience? Create a race memory of your own and join H3 Staff, H3 Alum and Hilton Head residents in this year’s Devin’s Dash 5K! Click here for more information.


10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Gym Time

Workout 10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Gym Time
Spring is right around the corner and for many people work is picking up, holidays are on the horizon and time to make it to the gym can be more challenging to find. Remember it is not all or nothing! Here are 10 tips for getting the most from your work out when we are pressed for time:

  1. Pack your gym bag the night before. Have everything ready to go in morning or right from work. Keep it organized so that finding those head phones and socks don’t require turning the bag inside out!
  2. Turn off your cell phone or leave it in your car. You gym time is YOUR time; don’t worry about responding to emails or calls.
  3. Have your plan in place; know what your workout is going to look like. This can save time by going right to the machines you want to work with.
  4. Don’t go to the gym during peak fitness hours. Find out the slower hours at your gym and try to make it during those times. This cuts back on the time you spend waiting for a machine or moving around other exercisers.
  5. Go to a circuit class such as ULTRA circuit or a bootcamp at your gym. For a 1 hour investment, you can get a full body strength routine in and cardio all at once! Talk about making the most of your time!
  6. Use that talk test. Invest in a more intense workout and cut back on workout time. Increase the intensity of your work out by increasing the speed/resistance/incline so that you are able to “chat” with the person next to you but talking is a challenge.
  7. Combine exercises. Use this method when lifting weights, by combining more than one strength exercise you get 2 for 1 and are done in half the time! Check out a few ideas here.
  8. Work out on your lunch break. The gym has a light crowd, it will give you more energy in afternoon and bonus you can sleep in and go right home after work. Awesome!!
  9. Increase intensity and decrease workout time. Try using the principles from high-intensity interval training or the tabata method to get the most from your time. You can read more about it here. Here is a video of a great 15 min workout you can do and be done with your day!
  10. Cut out the time commuting and work out at home! There are so many great exercises you can do without equipment. Check out a few options of simple body weight exercises here!

Try out a few of these and know that you can make the most of whatever time you have available. Every minute is bringing you closer to achieving your goals and is a true investment in your health and future. Let’s make it a priority!



Friday Fitness: It’s Never Too Late To Get Back In The Game

Hat tip to our avid reader Katha Kissman for finding this one!  Watch the vid and then read the commentary below.

Sure the point of the video was to show how exercise helps aging adults avoid disease.  But, we already knew that!  I think there was a more important lesson.  The Tigerettes aren’t exercising, they are PLAYING!  Exercise to me means drab elastic sweatpants, monotonous treadmill training and physical torture generally endured under solitary confinement.  Let’s spend some time this upcoming weekend playing.  Find a lonesome friend or loved one and kick, throw or shoot a ball.  Hell, who needs a ball, you can tag, race, swim, jump or crawl to a calorie burn.  But for God’s sake, stop sensationalizing exercise and start playing!


Need a dose of exercise motivation (or re-motivation)?

drmikeevans Need a dose of exercise motivation (or re motivation)?

23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

Debbie Daniels,  who many of you will remember from the show Heavy, posted this video on her Facebook page. Outside of Adam Martin’s Exercise Prescription seminar, it may be one of the best presentations I have ever seen on the benefits of exercise. The information is great, but it is the way that it is presented that made it so interesting. This is the time of year for new beginnings, if starting an exercise program is on your list, this video will help inspire you. If you are a seasoned exerciser, it will help keep you inspired. Thanks Debbie, for passing this on. Happy and healthy New Year to all.


Friday Fitness: 26 Way to Celebrate World Run Day

Running 300x199 Friday Fitness: 26 Way to Celebrate World Run DayThis Sunday, November 6th is the 12th annual World Run Day.  For some of us here at H3 this day comes in perfect timing. This Saturday Fitness Director Adam Martin and Guest Services Director Allison Adams will be running in their first 26.2 mile event, the Savannah Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon, and on Sunday I will be participating in the New York City Marathon.  It is exciting to be getting ready for an event that you have spend months preparing for and logged many miles along the way!

The purpose of World Run Day is to celebrate and support the sport of running and promote charitable giving. You do not have to be competing in a marathon to celebrate World Run Day. In honor of the 26.2 miles that we will be taking on this weekend, here are 26 ways that you can embrace or support the sport of running right where you are! 

  1. First and most simple, just get out there. Hit the pavement, or treadmill. Set a distance or amount of time and just enjoy.
  2. Find a local race to volunteer at. You have no idea how valuable volunteers are!
  3. Find a race to sign up for in you area online at
  4. Be a spectator at a race. Cheering is the best way to support those out there, you can provide energy in the most crucial moments!
  5. Stretch! What this video on the importance of dynamic and static stretching.
  6. Support a local Walk for a Wish or Relay for Life. You do not have to compete, look into sponsoring a runner.
  7. Establish a pre-run routine. Drink a full glass of water, do your warm up exercises and listen to that one song that always gets you motivated.
  8. Join an online community like You can share your comments and encourage others.
  9. If you have a friend or acquaintance who is a runner, ask them about it. People love to share their passions. This is a great way to show your support.
  10. Go to the track
  11. Take your pet out for a walk
  12. When out for a run or walk, say “Hi” to those you pass. You might just make someone’s day.
  13. Go for a stroll around a local park
  14. Gather some friends and lead your own Treading class (check out the fitness tab for a treading routine)
  15. Go watch a cross country race at local schools. Many schools are gearing up for the local and regional championships. This is the opportunity to go see some real young talent.
  16. Go to a local running store and have your stride assessed to make sure you are in proper shoes. The right shoes can be a game changer.
  17. Find a local Girls on the Run program. It is a 5k training program for girls that not only teaches running skills but build self-esteem and healthy body image.  Volunteer or donate to this amazing program.
  18. Invest in a good running clothes- no cotton!
  19. Sign up to run a race for a charity; crossing the finish line is so much more meaningful when you are participating on behalf of those in need.
  20. Perfect your form and learn how to Run Right-Video 1, Video 2, Video 3
  21. Keep hydrated, this is an important component of any fitness program, make sure you keep yourself hydrated for a successful work out.
  22. Keep a running log of your workout. Include things like: how far did you go, what was your pace, where, and how did you feel?
  23. Get out in the morning. When the temperature is cool and before the stresses of the day can make you think twice.
  24. Practice good posture throughout the day. Good posture can benefit your running by making you more efficient and less prone to injury.
  25. Buy a running magazine and pick up helpful tips and be inspired by stories of true dedication.
  26. Run on different surfaces. Dirt is better then asphalt, and asphalt is better then concrete. Mix up where you go for your run, to give your legs a break. 

Most important thing is just getting out there. You do not have to have big, lofty goals. Just enjoy the sport of running, where the only equipment you need is a pair of shoes!


Setting… and Achieving Summer Goals


beach run1 Setting... and Achieving Summer GoalsSummer is officially upon us! The days are longer, we can enjoy outdoor and water activities, people are taking time to vacation and everyone seems to be in good spirits! In Jeff Ford’s last blog post he talked about his process of sitting down every week to make a weekly goal. I, on the other hand, am the type to set goals in my head and when I get to them, I get to them… basically, in a lot of cases I’m all talk when it comes to big goals. There are usually two times a year when I put together these big goals in my head: right before the New Year and at the beginning of summer. This year Jeff has inspired me to actually write down these goals, make them realistic, and to write a weekly assessment of what I do each week to get me closer to achieving my goals. This time around I’ll be using the SMART principle when making my summer goals.

Here they are:

1. Every year I have a list of books I want to read over the summer. Last year, I had 3 books on my list. By the end of the summer, I finished ½ of one. This year is different. I have a realistic goal and even more importantly, I have a specific deadline. This year I would like to read The Help, which I have heard is a fantastic book and one of Oprah’s favorites, by the time the movie comes out in August.

2. Now that I am officially an island girl, I would like to take advantage of living on the beach. At least 5 days per week I am going to do some form of exercise (walking, running, bike riding, performing my Yoga Sun Salutation) on the beach.

3. I have never been a runner and I don’t necessarily plan to be. What I would like to be able to do is run an entire 5K. I don’t know I find it so difficult to run long distances (yes, 3 miles is long distance to me) outdoors. This year I’m going to do it though. I’ve already looked over my training plan and mapped out my schedule.

As you can see, not all of these goals are fitness oriented. When it comes to making goals, focus on accomplishing something that will make you feel good once you’ve accomplished it or at least tried. Try not to get bogged down on the types of goals think you should be setting for yourself or what others set for you, but instead on something that you know will lift your self esteem and pride. Do it for you. If you’ve always wanted to learn a different language, how to play an instrument, or take up a new sport why not start now? To me, the summer is the perfect time to set goals because the time frame is pretty much blocked off for you. Even if they’re not big goals, take the time to sit down a think about what you would like to accomplish in the next 3 months. Write them down. Place them in areas that will remind you of what you’re working toward. Track your progress. Most importantly, have fun!


Friday Fitness: Transform Tube Time


tv exercise1 Friday Fitness: Transform Tube Time Sunday has become a planning day, a perfect day to attend church, buy groceries, wash the triathlon bike, and above all a key day to set up my weeks for success. I tend to devote a large portion of time to writing down new weekly goals and planning specific meals and workout times. Recently, I have been working on a weekly goal of decreasing television time and man does it feel good? I am able to accomplish more things and I no longer let my evenings pass me by.

Did you know that the average American television viewer watches 151 hours of television per month? It’s baffling when you think about it, but what’s even scarier is the proven health detriment. In a recent CNN Report, they followed 8,800 people with no history of heart disease for 6 full years. They compared one group, who watched less than two hours of TV per day, to another, who watched four hours or more per day. The people who watched four or more hours were 80% more likely to die from heart disease and 46% more likely to die of other causes. In total, 284 people died during the study. The study went on to prove that for every hour of television a person watches per day, they increase their risk of heart disease by 18% and their overall risk of death by 11%.

Rather incredible numbers. The fact of the matter is TV promotes sitting and studies show that it also leads to eating nutrient-energy dense, snack-type foods. This week’s Friday Fitness focuses on transforming tube time with these strategies:


1. Stretch while you watch – Great way to unwind after a long day. Purchase a foam roller or a stretching strap and hit the quadriceps, calves, IT Band, and hamstrings. Plan a series of stretches that you can do lying on the carpet while you’re watching your favorite program.

2. Commercial Strength Training – Challenge yourself during commercial breaks to perform body weight exercises. Do an AMRAP (as many repetitions as possible) each break and record your results. Choose straightforward exercises such as pushups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, chair dips or anything you have access to such as a FitBall and Free Weights. Twenty minutes of commercial time leads to a whole lot of repetitions.

3. Get Courageous – Create a 10 to 15 minute core training routine that you can perform while watching television. Try to hit every abdominal group including plank variations, cross legged crunches, superman’s, and bicycle kicks. Come up with a few different routines to keep it coretastic throughout your week.

4. Walk Before Sitting – There’s more daylight during the summer so hit that post-dinner thermal walk that you’ve been forgetting to include. It will not only take your mind off an evening snack, but it will leave less time for the tube when you get back.

5. Buy an Indoor Bike Trainer – if you enjoy road biking like I do this is the way to go. You can maximize commercial breaks by propping your road bike up in the living room and hopping on for 5 minutes here and there.


I’m not saying that you need to take Television time out of your life (I mean we do have to put time aside to sit down and watch events like the Boston Marathon or the Kona Ironman). What I am saying is let’s make it more active. I mean, come on, commercial breaks are built in excuses!

Source: Too Much TV may mean earlier death, Sarah Klein, Jan.11.2010, CNN Report


Friday Fitness: Make your lazy day at the beach a productive one

mid day beach walk Friday Fitness: Make your lazy day at the beach a productive oneWhile lounging around at the beach for the holiday weekend, make sure you’re not sabotaging yourself. A lot of times we have a tendency to use holidays as an excuse to cheat on our weight loss programs. The beach is a great place for exercise and perfect for bringing more variety to your routine. Here are some tips to help your stay on track while enjoying the breeze and sounds of the ocean.

  • Be Prepared. Bring healthy snacks with you to the beach. Fruits and veggies make excellent beachside snacks because they are easy to travel with, contain nutrients that benefit the body, are also a great source of water to help hydrate you while sitting in the sun.
  • Beware of drinking your calories. Although beachside cocktails may sound like a good idea, they are usually filled with sugar, can be high in calories, and the alcohol within them may contribute to dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and try drinking a sport drink if you would like something flavored. Sport drinks help balance your body’s electrolytes. Freeze your sport drink and you’ll have a tasty, low-calorie slushy.
  • Go for a stroll. Because there is give to the sandy surface on the beach, it’s not as harsh on your joints at the pavement. Go for a walk or run on the flattest part of the beach to add a little beach excursion to your day.
  • Have some fun in the sun. Get a game of beach volleyball, frisbee or mini golf going. If your beach allows, you could even go on a bike ride. As much time as you spend sitting, spend doing some form of physical activity. Just have fun!


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