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How to Progress into a Pull-Up

Here at Hilton Head Health, fitness is more than just weight loss. Fitness is about building physical and mental strength. Fitness is about discovering a better you. Fitness is a way to show yourself  “I can.” What better way to show yourself  “I can” than building the strength, stamina, and dedication to complete a pull up?

Progressing to a pull-up varies from person to person depending on body-type and current fitness level. Having said that, the muscles used in a pull-up are the exact same for everybody; Latissimus Dorsi and Biceps being key. A great place to start with this progression are these three exercises below:

Bent Over Row:

The bent over row teaches you to keep proper spinal alignment. It also strengthens the Biceps, Lats, and other upper back muscles.

Lat Pull Down:

This exercise very closely mimics the movement of the shoulder joint in a body weight pull up.

Body Row on TRX:

This row begins to train your body to control itself while working the shoulder joint. This is important for making your nervous system smarter and creating synergy in all the muscles in your body .

There are always more exercises that can be done to build up to and improve the pull-up, but this is a great place to start.


Chef’s Table Cuisine: A Taste of the Lowcountry


The Chef’s Table is a fine dining experience exclusively held in the H3 Healthy Kitchen.

Healthy Kitchen Executive Chef Karla Williams and Healthy Kitchen Sous Chef Carrie Adams share healthy cooking tips and prepare a delectable, low-fat gourmet dinner as H3 Guests and Islanders sit back, relax and enjoy 4 delicious, low calorie courses.

DSC 32131 300x300 Chefs Table Cuisine: A Taste of the Lowcountry

Seared Grouper, Herbed Grits with Gouda and Collard Greens


The most recent Chef’s Table Experience, “A Taste of the Low Country,” explored the bold, robust flavors of the Low Country where Hilton Head Health calls home.

DSC 3117 300x300 Chefs Table Cuisine: A Taste of the Lowcountry

Southern Chicken and Waffles


The menu included southern favorites: Southern Chicken and Waffles; Fried Green Tomatoes drizzled with an Aged Balsamic; Grouper, Herbed Grits with Gouda and Collard Greens with Bacon; and Peach Cobbler topped with scratch-made Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

DSC 31501 300x300 Chefs Table Cuisine: A Taste of the Lowcountry

“Fried” Green Tomatoes with an Aged Balsamic


The Chef’s Table  and all the HK Events tour different flavors from all over the world, creating healthy, full-flavored courses. These events are open to current guests or for the general public with a reservation. Come explore the world through cuisine and experience the perfect ways to bring taste and health into your own kitchen!

DSC 32381 300x300 Chefs Table Cuisine: A Taste of the Lowcountry

Peach Cobbler and House-made Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Plan your visit to our next Chef’s Table or Healthy Kitchen Event here.


5th Annual Devin’s Dash Memorial 5K

Despite the inclement weather, this year’s Devin’s Dash was a success! With the help of our sponsors, volunteers and race participants we raised almost $6000 for Happiness is Camping. Amazing! The overall race winner and first male was H3’s own Experience Planner Alex Santa, and the first female race was winner Kim Stanziola. The after party included fresh H3 smoothies and healthy snacks compliments of the H3 Culinary Team, great music, a raffle drawing for the amazing prizes donated by our sponsors, and of course, post-race stretching to prevent any injuries. The official Devin’s Dash Page is here to see the prizes, more race results and sponsors. If you missed this year’s Devin’s Dash Memorial 5K Run/Walk held at Hilton Head Health, here’s a quick photo recap.

DD4 300x300 5th Annual Devins Dash Memorial 5K
 5th Annual Devins Dash Memorial 5K
 5th Annual Devins Dash Memorial 5K
 5th Annual Devins Dash Memorial 5K
Devin’s Dash is one of our favorite races and events on Hilton Head Island, and we’re so proud to host it! We thank all of those who participated, and hope that we see you all again next year!


H3 Kayaking Excursion

Here at Hilton Head Health weight loss resort and health spa, we strive to create a nurturing environment for our Guests featuring one-of-a-kind experiences as we help them navigate their personalized weight loss journeys or health and wellness paths. Earlier this week, our Guests ventured over to Shelter Cove Marina here on Hilton Head Island, for a day of kayaking. While kayaking, they got to see some exciting sites including a water powered jet pack and our H3 Guide Alex doing some impromptu shrimping! It was quite the eventful and beautiful excursion while also being a great workout for our Guests during their weight loss program and wellness program.

P8050333 300x224 H3 Kayaking Excursion
P8050334 300x224 H3 Kayaking Excursion
P8050335 300x224 H3 Kayaking Excursion
P8050328 300x224 H3 Kayaking Excursion
SHRIMP 300x224 H3 Kayaking Excursion
Check out our special events calendar to find out what adventures we have planned for you to enjoy during your visit to Hilton Head Health.


H3 16-Mile Biking Adventure

Our top priority here at Hilton Head Health weight loss camp and wellness retreat is providing the tools to create a path to help our Guests reach their personalized weight loss and wellness goals through our weight loss program and healthy lifestyle, wellness program. Alongside that interest, we want to make sure our Guests have an amazing time and take home life-enhancing experiences. We offer a variety of excursions, adventures and amenities such as cooking classes, spa treatments, zip-lining, and more. Most recently our Guests participated in a 16-mile bike ride, navigating nearly the entire span of the beautiful Hilton Head Island with H3 Guide Alex Santa and H3 LOSE Well Coach Jeremy Crawford. Our Guests enjoyed breathtaking scenery and completed a task that called for endurance and showcased their improved fitness levels.

P7180193 300x300 H3 16 Mile Biking Adventure



P7180195 300x300 H3 16 Mile Biking Adventure



P7180205 300x300 H3 16 Mile Biking Adventure



P7180204 300x300 H3 16 Mile Biking Adventure



P7180200 300x300 H3 16 Mile Biking Adventure



P7180197 300x300 H3 16 Mile Biking Adventure



P7180198 300x300 H3 16 Mile Biking Adventure



We certainly had an amazing time biking around the beautiful Hilton Head Island with some of our Guests!

What was your favorite fitness adventure that you partook in during your weight loss program or wellness program at Hilton Head Health weight loss camp and health spa? If you haven’t booked your trip to Hilton Head Health yet to improve your fitness, nutrition and wellness and jump start your weight loss, what fitness adventure are you looking forward to?



Here at Hilton Head Health, we’re committed to helping individuals create a personalized experience to reach weight loss and wellness goals both here at the facililty and back at home. Summer is in full effect and we understand your schedule is as busy as ever. Meetings, pick up the kids, dinner and a hundred other items on your to-do list. Before the summer passes you by, take advantage of an H3 Summer Wellness Weekend Sale, between now and July 31st and save 20%!  Our Wellness Program includes a stay in a private villa, unlimited access to fitness classes, healthy meals, health education and so much more! A Wellness Weekend is just what you need to kick start a healthy lifestyle and reboot your body.

Come and learn why Hilton Head Health has been chosen as the nation’s premiere weight loss resort, and wellness retreat.

WellnessWeekendSale 300x300 H3 SUMMER WELLNESS WEEKENDS SALE

Learn more about the pricing and details of our wellness program that will help you kick start your weight loss and/or healthy lifestyle here!



H3 Meditation Giveaway Contest Winner!

We thank everyone who entered the Meditation Giveaway Contest and we enjoyed reading all of your answers! We hope that you all try to practice meditation. The winner of the H3 Meditation CD, yoga mat and bag is Sarah Sullivan! Enjoy your prize!

DSC 3112 300x300 H3 Meditation Giveaway Contest Winner!




H3 Adventures Album

At Hilton Head Heath, we believe that the journey to weight loss and wellness can be fun and exciting. We strive to provide our guests who visit our weight loss and wellness resort and spa with a memorable experience so they leave with a new outlook of their health and their life and continue to have long lasting results. To help make our guests’ weight loss and wellness journey that much more fun and memorable, we offer various excursions including: kayaking, ziplining and even a Culinary & Fitness Adventure. Enjoy these photos from our most recent H3 kayaking and fitness adventures.  H3 Adventures Album

kayaking paddle board 008 300x224 H3 Adventures Album     kayaking paddle board 009 300x224 H3 Adventures Album     cul adv 9 300x300 H3 Adventures Album               cul adv 6 300x300 H3 Adventures Album

If you’re an H3 alum, what were some of your favorite activities and adventures you experienced during your stay? Or, if you haven’t quite made it to H3 yet, which activity would you like to participate in?


Ready for a Culinary & Fitness Adventure?

CF4 24 300x163 Ready for a Culinary & Fitness Adventure?


CF4 242 300x76 Ready for a Culinary & Fitness Adventure?

Looking for a rewarding weekend getaway? We’ve packed some of our best culinary and fitness experiences into just three days!

  • Mornings are spent in our state-of-the-art Healthy Kitchen learning to prepare delicious meals.
  • Each afternoon we’ll explore the island’s beautiful beaches and lush wetlands by bike, kayak, and even stand-up paddleboard.
  • Enjoy a private gourmet meal from our chef every evening, and wrap up your trip with a relaxing massage treatment by one of our skilled therapists.


Here’s a snapshot of your 3-Day Culinary and Fitness Adventure:


CF4 2431 Ready for a Culinary & Fitness Adventure?


3-day workshops run alongside our LIVE Well program. Additional fees apply.
Workshop fee includes classes, excursions and Swedish massage.


CF4 244 Ready for a Culinary & Fitness Adventure?


Bring Friends and Save

BandS4 16 300x163 Bring Friends and Save


Laugh, sweat and reconnect!

Experience H3 with loved ones and strengthen the bond between you. Here you will create life-long memories supporting each other in weight loss or jumpstarting a healthy routine. And when you travel and stay together everyone SAVES. *


BandS4 162 Bring Friends and Save



BandS4 163 Bring Friends and Save



*Savings based on a preferred villa. All guests in your party must stay in the same villa. Three bedroom accommodations are available, but in limited supply. $1000 deposit due at time of booking, balance payable at check-in. Should a member of your party cancel or reschedule the rate will be adjusted.


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