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Setting… and Achieving Summer Goals


beach run1Summer is officially upon us! The days are longer, we can enjoy outdoor and water activities, people are taking time to vacation and everyone seems to be in good spirits! In Jeff Ford’s last blog post he talked about his process of sitting down every week to make a weekly goal. I, on the other hand, am the type to set goals in my head and when I get to them, I get to them… basically, in a lot of cases I’m all talk when it comes to big goals. There are usually two times a year when I put together these big goals in my head: right before the New Year and at the beginning of summer. This year Jeff has inspired me to actually write down these goals, make them realistic, and to write a weekly assessment of what I do each week to get me closer to achieving my goals. This time around I’ll be using the SMART principle when making my summer goals.

Here they are:

1. Every year I have a list of books I want to read over the summer. Last year, I had 3 books on my list. By the end of the summer, I finished ½ of one. This year is different. I have a realistic goal and even more importantly, I have a specific deadline. This year I would like to read The Help, which I have heard is a fantastic book and one of Oprah’s favorites, by the time the movie comes out in August.

2. Now that I am officially an island girl, I would like to take advantage of living on the beach. At least 5 days per week I am going to do some form of exercise (walking, running, bike riding, performing my Yoga Sun Salutation) on the beach.

3. I have never been a runner and I don’t necessarily plan to be. What I would like to be able to do is run an entire 5K. I don’t know I find it so difficult to run long distances (yes, 3 miles is long distance to me) outdoors. This year I’m going to do it though. I’ve already looked over my training plan and mapped out my schedule.

As you can see, not all of these goals are fitness oriented. When it comes to making goals, focus on accomplishing something that will make you feel good once you’ve accomplished it or at least tried. Try not to get bogged down on the types of goals think you should be setting for yourself or what others set for you, but instead on something that you know will lift your self esteem and pride. Do it for you. If you’ve always wanted to learn a different language, how to play an instrument, or take up a new sport why not start now? To me, the summer is the perfect time to set goals because the time frame is pretty much blocked off for you. Even if they’re not big goals, take the time to sit down a think about what you would like to accomplish in the next 3 months. Write them down. Place them in areas that will remind you of what you’re working toward. Track your progress. Most importantly, have fun!

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