• Hey, Mark —
    Great blog. What I love is that you are focusing on the now and the future. And sometimes it just takes a couple of false starts to make permanent change. Anyway, I’m so very proud of you — keep up the great work!

    From Katha
    February 22, 2011

  • Mark,

    Thanks for the post. I am a recent ‘guest’ to the H3 Daily and it has already helped me start to focus and get organized. I haven’t had a plan in my health pursuit, so I have failed, time and time again. I am excited as I have begun to actually think through and track what I am eating and how I am moving. I look forward to hearing more about your journey…failures and successes alike. I know we can all learn much from both.

    From Dale
    February 22, 2011

  • Hey Mark great idea! I met you on the path out walking my dog, we walked and chatted.I too am a repeat offender.Had my first trip to HHHI January 2009.Fell in love with exercise.I went home and eventually fell off the wagon, came back again March 2010.Went home after 3 weeks , great success and 3 weeks later I was diagnosed with breast cancer.After 5 months of diagnosis, surgery and one month of radiation I came back in Oct. For one week to get slowly back into the routine.The cancer was my wake up call, I could no longer deny that my weight and lifestyle were significant contributors to a potentially life threatening disease.I ate a lot after treatment ( my way of coping with stuff that happens in my life ! ) I gave myself that one last ineffective , harmful way of coping with life.I am happy to say that since January I am down 17 lbs. And well on the way to living my life with intention. I am returning to HHHI in one month to reward my self for finally getting it! I have now successfully identified my triggers to unhealthy behaviors. look out world, here I come! a special thank you to all the wonderful people at HHHI that understand that some of us are ” slow learners! ” and encourage us until we do finally ” get it ” Beth

    From Beth Swift
    February 22, 2011

  • Great Initial Post Mark! I think your the perfect start to our guest blogger series. Your perspective and the battles you’ve won are very unique offering much insight. It’s enlightening knowing that you see we are all linked to the same goal in that one form or fashion and its up to us to stick together in this journey. I look forward to reading next week’s post and can’t wait to hear about the race that you PR :) Your going strong buddy. Keep it up!!

    From Jeff
    February 22, 2011

  • Wow! Thanks for all the kind words and responses! Please please please keep them coming! And share your tips and stories!

    @jeff I will let you know my next PR for sure!

    @beth I don’t know the words!…what an amazing story and those hurdles you’ve overcome! Unfortunately we all have to have a wake up call to finally get it! Often it takes us getting to the point of no other options before we choose the right way! So I can’t thank you enough for sharing! It’s weird how much something as simple as a thermal walk can do. Not only for your body, but your mind and soul! Look what happened on mine. We bumped into each other and chatted…and you now have posted inspiring words for us to add to our reflections. Every time I think I don’t need a thermal walk or it’s ok not today…I’ll think of your battle and it will remind me how silly a little tiredness is compared to what you’ve endoured! Thank you! Keep up the awesome work! I’ll be posting more details of how I’m overcoming each of my hurdles! I know you had mentioned that you’ve identified your triggers! Would you feel like sharing? You can keep the triggers themselves to yourself if you wish.However, I know myself and others would like to hear the methods you used to identify them ! And your techniques used to manage them as well! Oh and yes…the World is ready to see you go flying by!

    From Mark
    February 24, 2011

  • @dale welcome to the h3 family! I’m going to try to get you out here sometime soon! But when I get home, let’s chat some more…the more I’m talking and talking…the more and more its setting in that this is a group effort here! My old habits of going it alone are a big part of my problem! We are all here together and once we realize that… Let’s take advantage of it! As my good friend Ronnie put it the other night..”Failure is not an option!”. Ive repeated that to myself many many many times over! Thanks Dale! Keep up your journey!

    From Mark
    February 24, 2011

  • @Katha thank you! You’re journey continues to amaze and inspire me every day! Let’s just look back a few weeks…a half-freakin-marathon! WOW! Youre amazing! I’m so proud of where you are! You should be too! Thank you!

    From Mark
    February 24, 2011

  • Congrats Mark on your progress and success! I enjoyed meeting you at H3; you kept me laughing the whole time. One thing I have been struggling with is tracking my food and progress. It would be great if in a future post you would go more into some of the apps you have found most helpful in this regard! Keep up the good work!

    From Julie
    February 25, 2011

  • Great post, Mark! I think it is a great idea to get some blogs going! I am taking the H3 Home Coaching for 6 wks in preparation for a 12 wk stay at H3 in mid-May. And all I can say is that if I regain my wt. after spending the price of a new car, they are going to need to hide the razor blades from me! LOL I plan to get immediately back to home coaching once I return home so that I can keep losing. I have already lost about 30 lbs. so I feel as though I am ahead of the game right now, but I still need to lose about 70 more! I really, really want to change my life and that is why I am going to H3 for so long. I know that it will not be easy! I actually have more of a problem with exercising rather than diet. I’m part-slug! So I feel that H3 is definitely the place for me! Keep on keeping on, Mark. And please keep posting. You inspire us all!!

    From Kath
    April 7, 2011

Real People, Real Stories: Breaking the Cycle

Mark Zigman_guest bloggerSo here it is! My first H3 blog! I am so excited to be able to be a part of this community and be able to share my motivations, thoughts & ideas, struggles, triumphs, etc. I’m also hoping to be able to help open up discussions between H3 guests (past, present, and future), H3 staff, and myself. You know – the entire H3 family! Real informative topics from those of us on the same journey. Although I love all the groups and friends we all have in common on social media sites, such as Facebook, that really isn’t the arena for the tougher or more personal topics.

The H3 Daily blog is already here for us and has successfully started to facilitate and distribute great information. But without US contributing, the current bloggers may never really know what topics we would like to talk about. So I urge you fellow alumni to please join in! Please comment and post! Please volunteer as guest bloggers! Let’s keep this community active! We are all in this together! The support and energy we see when at H3 can and should continue when we depart! This is the right place! And in my personal journey, it’s never been a better time!!

Well it kind of hit me when I read my little bio because it made me realize something – It said I was down 90 pounds since my first visit in 2005. Although that’s entirely true, what’s missing is the in between. I came in July of 2005 and between then and the Holidays had lost 80 pounds. Very exciting! Then, by July 2008 I had gained it all back and returned to H3. Again, same thing! By the Holidays I had lost 85 pounds! I felt fantastic! However, by October of 2010 was I back to the original weight again. So for the accountants and math experts reading this, I’m down 255 pounds since my first visit in 2005 and up 165 along the way for the net of 90 pounds down.

What is this cycle?  That’s the million-dollar question for sure! And one I believe we all face. So the good news is I’m on the down side again, 90 pounds since October! And the even better news is I’m feeling much better about this entire process this time! What’s different? Well that’s exactly what I would like to share with you here on these blog entries, but ask you for your input and conversation as well.

Personally I have focused on a few of what I’ll call key success factors. Each of my blogs will talk about these observations and what I am doing to adhere to them.  These are as follows and in no particular order:

Planning – As we all learned at H3, planning for carrying on your program at home is definitely a key to obtaining your goals.

Seeking and Providing Support – This is the common thing we all are facing. It is different for each of us (well we think it is different for each of us) and in my case I thought that no one could understand. Once I started sharing and listening to others, low and behold, we are all trying to say the same underlying thing. The events or circumstances are different, but the core issue seems to be the same! All or Nothing! Why?

Recording and Measurement – Journal, Journal, Journal. Writing down everything has be a huge part of what I’m doing differently this time.  Good news is that I’m a techie. So I’m here to help you all out with this! I’ll share with you how I’m keeping track of all this data. Send me your questions!

Research – Information is everywhere. Find it! In fact, if you’re reading this, you are already at an amazing site for information. H3daily.com is a great place to start. In upcoming posts, I’m hoping to be able to share what I find and ask that each of you contribute! This is our blog – our space. Let’s use it!

Relaxation – The key here is to find what works for you, but listen to your body on those days where it’s extra sore.  Since thinking through this, my injuries have all but disappeared and my progress has never been better. Oh and I’m not talking about soreness. That will always be there! Thoughts?

Check back next week as I look forward to diving deeper into each of the above topics.  I know they are the key to what keep me going every day.  I hope to hear from you all very soon – and please don’t wait for me, go ahead and run with them…let’s discuss! 

~ Mark

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