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Friday Fitness: Make your lazy day at the beach a productive one

mid-day_beach_walkWhile lounging around at the beach for the holiday weekend, make sure you’re not sabotaging yourself. A lot of times we have a tendency to use holidays as an excuse to cheat on our weight loss programs. The beach is a great place for exercise and perfect for bringing more variety to your routine. Here are some tips to help your stay on track while enjoying the breeze and sounds of the ocean.

  • Be Prepared. Bring healthy snacks with you to the beach. Fruits and veggies make excellent beachside snacks because they are easy to travel with, contain nutrients that benefit the body, are also a great source of water to help hydrate you while sitting in the sun.
  • Beware of drinking your calories. Although beachside cocktails may sound like a good idea, they are usually filled with sugar, can be high in calories, and the alcohol within them may contribute to dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and try drinking a sport drink if you would like something flavored. Sport drinks help balance your body’s electrolytes. Freeze your sport drink and you’ll have a tasty, low-calorie slushy.
  • Go for a stroll. Because there is give to the sandy surface on the beach, it’s not as harsh on your joints at the pavement. Go for a walk or run on the flattest part of the beach to add a little beach excursion to your day.
  • Have some fun in the sun. Get a game of beach volleyball, frisbee or mini golf going. If your beach allows, you could even go on a bike ride. As much time as you spend sitting, spend doing some form of physical activity. Just have fun!
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