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Meet Kelly the Vegetarian

Many Guests who visit Hilton Head Health have questions about their diet, especially if “going vegetarian” will help in losing weight more rapidly. Although there are some benefits to adapting a vegetarian diet, we believe that it should be something you consider as a lifestyle change and not necessarily a “diet.” Meat provides your body with protein and many other essential nutrients.  Today, we have a special post from Kelly Milgie. You have probably seen Kelly’s shining face greeting you as walk through the doors of H3. As a vegetarian, Kelly would like to share how she decided to adopt a meatless diet and hopefully, give insight to those with questions about vegetarianism. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments for Kelly in the comments section of this post.  

Growing up in Michigan, meat was a part of my everyday diet and it was not until I went away to college that I started to eat meat less often. This was mostly because for the first time in my life I had to fend for myself when it was meal time, instead of having my parents cook for me.  By the end of my freshman year at Central Michigan University (CMU), I almost completely cut out red meat.  I began to realize that I ate it out of convenience, not because I actually enjoyed the taste. When I moved out of the dorms and into an apartment my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to experiment a little bit more in the kitchen. I mostly cooked pasta and chicken since they were the easiest to prepare and fit best into my college student budget.

After graduating from CMU, I moved down to South Carolina and was introduced to seafood.  Of course I ate it here and there while living inMichigan, but it was definitely not a part of my regular diet.  I noticed I was eating more and more fish and less and less meat.  It even got to the point where I would get what I called “meat overload”—if I had any type of meat for lunch, I would not want any meat in my dinner. 

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H3 Recipe: Chicken and Vegetable Kebabs




1 cup Lemon juice

½ cup Olive oil

1 cup Soy sauce, low sodium

3 Tablespoon Oregano, dried

6 Garlic cloves, minced


1 Yellow onion, cut into large squares for skewers

1 Green pepper, cut into large squares for skewers

18 Crimini mushrooms, stem removed

6 Chicken breasts, cleaned, trimmed, cut into four strips

6- 8 inch wooden skewers, soaked in water overnight



  • In medium sized bowl, mix lemon juice, olive oil, soy sauce, oregano and garlic.
  • Skewer four pieces of chicken breast, keeping two pieces each, of onion, mushroom and green peppers between each strip of chicken on the skewers.
  • Place skewers in a single layer in 2 inch pans and drizzle marinade over skewers. Do not stack meat deep or marinade will not reach the top layer.
  • Marinate overnight.
  • Grill mark skewers before service, finish in 350 degree oven, uncovered for 10 minutes. Be very careful not to overcook chicken, should be juicy and tender.
  • Pour remaining marinade from the meat into a medium pot, add 4 cups fresh chicken stock and boil to reduce.
  • Strain chicken broth mixture through cheese cloth and thicken with corn starch slurry.  Adjust taste with more lemon etc.
  • Serve 2 ounces of sauce over each skewer after plating


 Serves: 6

Calories: 180

Serving Size: 1 skewer/ person



Coaching Corner: Pin It!

A new class that I teach here at Hilton Head Health is called Health Tech 101. It is an overview of different technologies that can help us live a healthy lifestyle. It includes a variety of technologies such as tracking gadgets, websites and applications for smart phones. I have had a lot of fun researching this class as there are so many cool things out there that can help us be successful in achieving our goals.

One of my new favorite websites is called Pinterest. It is essentially an online pinboard.  Pinterest allows you to save content that you find on the internet or from other people’s boards and add them into your categorized boards. So how can we utilize this in moving forward with our health and wellness goals? These boards can provide a unique visual opportunity to create images of what you want to achieve, why it is important and what we can do to get there. It provides the opportunity to save the things that are important to us and make up who we are.

So how do I begin pinning? First, check out our H3 Pinterest page. Here, you can get an idea of what you can do with your pin boards and start collecting some ideas. Second, get signed up. Pinterest requires you to request an invite or if you know someone who is a member, they can send you an invite. And then get creative!

Think of what your life purpose and vision are and find ways to express this on your boards. When we know what is important to us and what we want out of life, this gives us a clearer picture of the path we want to walk. It allows us to stay focused on what is important, gives us a direction for making decisions, and let go of those things that do not bring us closer to what we want or who we want to be.  This allows for a higher level of self-awareness and clarity.

Suggestions for board themes:

  • Life purpose and vision
  • My goals- you could break this down into long term and short term
  • Values- those things that are important to me and build up my character
  • Encouraging quotes
  • Motivation- things that motivate or inspire you into action
  • Healthy recipes
  • Fitness ideas

Have fun! This is a cool opportunity to explore new ideas. As you are finding new ideas, workouts, and recipes online, please be cautious before implementing anything new or extreme. Ask yourself “what would H3 think about this idea?” or contact us with your questions. We would love to be a resource for you as you are finding the best strategies for being successful in the home environment.

After creating your pinboards:

  • Review them at the beginning of your day. This is a great way to start a new day. Begin by looking over your vision and reconnecting with what it important to you. Then review your values and find one of your motivational quotes that stands out as a mantra for your day. Follow up by reviewing your goals and pick one thing you can do today to move your forward with a goal.
  • Write these things down and review throughout the day. Once the day begins it is easy to forget our resolutions for the day. Review your boards or notes during the day to stay focused on what you are working toward.
  • Keep going! Try new things and seek out new opportunities to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Try stepping out of your comfort zone. One of my favorite quotes that I found on Pinterest reads: “We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.”

Check out an example of one of Hilton Head Health’s Pins posted to Pinterest below:




Healthy Gains from Whole Grains

There are a whole lot of whole grains out there! Trying to find just the right one might feel like attempting to find a needle in…. well a stack of whole grains! Whole grains are unrefined grains that haven’t had their bran and germ removed by milling. Grains, especially whole grains, are an essential part of a healthy diet. 

The Benefits:

  • Whole grains are naturally low in fat.
  • Whole grains are a good source of complex carbohydrates and provide some key vitamins and minerals such as selenium, potassium and magnesium.
  • Whole grains are full of fiber, keeping you satisfied longer.

Where to Find Whole Grains:

  • Brown Rice: Swap brown rice for your normal white rice in any dish such as a Vegetable Stir Fry.
  • Popcorn: Oh yes, that is right popcorn! Choose the “Smart pop”, or the 94% fat-free, watch the butter and sodium content.
  • Rolled Oats: Have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and top it with fresh berries and yogurt. Yum!
  • Bulgur: Try our H3 Vegetarian Chili recipe. This is a different whole grain to mix up your weekly routine.
  • Whole Grain Barley: Barley unfortunately, has such a bad rap. Next time you make risotto, use half Arborio rice and half barley, easy yet a delicious swap.

I challenge you to skip all refined grains, and swap them for whole grains in all of your meals this week. Happy Whole Grains!



Friday Fitness: Work-OUT!


As many of you know, I generally do not watch much television. However, this past Tuesday evening, as I prepared to sit down early in efforts to watch The State of the Union Address on NBC, The Biggest Loser was on. This episode particulary caught my attention because one team (the “black team”) had been denied access to the gym. Particpants on the black team displayed a demoralizing distrust. The idea that they would be able to lose comparative weight at the next weigh in was daunting. The black team despartly feared the red team had a much greater advantage: the GYM.

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The Problem with Inspiration

Beware: this blog is going to start with me whining.

I don’t want to write a blog. I’m uninspired. Why do I have to do this? I don’t have time to come up with pearls of wisdom in between lectures, lecture development, consults and consult follow-ups. What am I, Andy Rooney? Blah, Blah, Blah. (Mr. Moore, if you are reading this, please read a little further before deciding whether or not to fire me).

The key word in my whine-fest above is uninspired. Being uninspired is a frequent fact of life. That is why the Tony Robbins and Dale Carnegies of this world have made such a good living. People will happily pay for inspiration and motivation. In fact, if there were a pill I could take that would keep me inspired or motivated, I wouldn’t hesitate to fill that prescription (even if the side effects included an eye twitch and skin irritation).

Since there is no such pill, I put my “big girl panties on” and pulled out some familiar tools that help ignite my inspiration. One of my favorite tools is the simplest of all – reading. I have a plethora of inspirational books on topics ranging from fear, spiritual enlightenment, gratitude, parenting, and emotional insight, just to name a few. They sit by my bed, pile up at my office and sometimes travel with me in the car (not to worry, I rarely drive and read at the same time). I don’t judge myself for not reading them all at once, or all the way through. I have found that just when I decide to pick one up, even if it’s for the briefest of reads, I always hear something that I was meant to hear. In this case – the case of the uninspired bellyaching, I picked up a book about imagining your life without fear.  BINGO –inspiration!

My heart started racing as words jumped from the pages, entering my bloodstream with all the stimulation of a cup of espresso followed by a Red Bull. Being Fearless is exactly what I needed to hear. But alas, the very definition of a blog is a “brief diary-like entry on the internet.” I’ve moved way past brief, so my enlightenment about fear will have to wait until my next blog. (A cliff-hanger of sorts).

The point of all this? Inspiration doesn’t just descend on you when needed. It’s not like the proverbial “light bulb going off.”  There’s not one switch that turns it on. Inspiration takes work. It takes effort. However, the payoff is amazing. It ignites passion, creates forward movement, and feeds the body, mind and spirit all at once. YUM!

What are your tools for inspiration? Make a list right now of strategies and tools that you use for inspiration to workout, eat right, and stay emotionally healthy.  Do they include reading inspiring articles and books? Journaling or connecting with like-minded, goal oriented individuals? How about surfing the internet for new information on your passion (have you discovered yet)? Do you collect a list of favorite mantras or moving quotes?  Do you keep a list of your achievements readily available as a reminder of how far you’ve travelled on this fantastic journey?

What will you do to stay inspired today? Just waking up doesn’t count. Just going into work doesn’t count. Just working out doesn’t count. Go deeper. Go bolder. Make the effort — Because finding inspiration makes the journey much more interesting and worthwhile.

P.S. Mr. Moore, thank you for making me write this blog. I am grateful to have a career where cultivating inspiration is part of my job description.




These days, mornings are definitely a challenge.  Hala, soon to be 3, is a little “slow-moving”, to put it nicely.  Whether it is changing her mind about what she wants to wear, resisting brushing her teeth, wanting breakfast before getting dressed or simply just not wanting to do anything just yet… she finds a way to stall.  Her knew favorite word (which she can clearly say, but we’re still working on learning the meaning of) is “focus”.  Whether it’s a toy that’s out of place, a question she recalls from the previous night (“What’d you have for dinner last night, Mama?”), or something her little sister is doing – her world is full of distractions. 

Life can be full of distractions, can’t it?  It is so easy to be pulled into conversation, “play” with the newest technology revelation, entertain that mind game in our heads encouraging procrastination, or wallow in feelings caused by a previous situation for far longer than anticipated.  Much of our time can be wasted on these unnecessary side turns. 

Just think, what if each and every moment of your day was filled with purpose?  Don’t get me wrong… “down time” or “play time” can certainly be purposeful, so this wouldn’t be a life without relaxation or fun! How accomplished would you feel?  How content?  The only moments we are guaranteed are the ones we are living right now.  So how can we strive, then, to focus on each moment with purpose?

  1. Start each day with a mental review of your life vision and what you hope to accomplish for the day.  A glass full of optimism wouldn’t hurt either.
  2. Practice mindfulness exercises so that you can start each task with a clear and open mind.  Be present in the moment.  Don’t spend your time worrying on what lies ahead, or gravel in the past.  The past is gone, now is here.
  3. Establish a schedule that works with your daily energy flow.  Assign “brain tasks” when you feel alert and focused, and plan your physical activity to give oxygen to the brain and stimulate its activity.
  4. Anticipate the need for change.  Four years ago my focus was directed mainly on my career, creating a retirement fund, things of that nature… Now, I find myself researching preschools and contributing to 529 plans.  Identifying the need to change focus is different than losing focus – they should not be confused.

Take a moment to reflect on the past 5 years and look forward to the next 5… what’s different for you?  What can you do today to help you focus on where you want to be five years from now? 


Quote from Disney’s “Princess and the Frog”… a bit of advice from Tiana’s father:


Charlotte’s faity tale book said,

if you make a wish on evening star

it shoulda come true.


Tiana’s Daddy:

Hmmh, won’t you wish on that star, sweetheart?

– Yes, you wish and you dream with all your little heart.

But you remember dear Anawet,

that old star can only take you part of a way.

You got to help him with some hard work of your own.

And then…

Yeah you can do anything

you said you mind to.

Just promise your Daddy one thing?

That you’ll  never, ever lose sign

what is really important.

from The Princess and The Frog



H3 Recipe: Squash Quesadillas


2 cups  Zucchini, grated

1/4 cup Red onion, minced

1 tablespoon Parsley, finely chopped

1/2 teaspoon Cumin, ground

1 teaspoon Tabasco

1/2 cup Monterey jack cheese

1 Each Whole wheat flour tortilla              


  • In a food processor grate zucchini. 
  • Place red onions and parsley into the food processor to mince.
  • Pour zucchini, onions and parsley into a strainer allowing the excess liquid to drain.
  • Once drained, pour mixture into a bowl, add cumin, Tabasco and cheese—combine well. 
  • Lightly spray one side of the flour tortilla and place oiled side down onto a medium hot skillet.
  • Spread 1 cup of zucchini mixture onto 1/2 of the tortilla and fold the other half of the tortilla over the zucchini mixture.
  • Cook tortilla on the first side until it is golden brown then flip to the other side and cook until it has also browned.
  • When finished browning, place quesadilla on a cutting board and cut into 4 wedges.

*Chef’s Note:  Serve with 1/4 cup black bean salsa, 1/2 cup Mexican slaw, or salsa. You may also add your protein of choice, such as chicken or shrimp, but this will slightly change the nutrition information. (Shrimp Quesadilla pictured) Enjoy!  

Yield: 2 servings

Nutritional info:

Calories: 200

Fat: 3 grams 



Coaching Corner: You Control Courage

When you get into a funk it can be very difficult to get out. We start to look at things we’re not doing right and tend to minimize the pursuits that we’re exceeding expectations at. We’ve all been there, where you catch yourself saying things like “Oh if I had only done this, or man if I had done it that way it would have all turned out.” If this hasn’t happened to you, you’re lying to yourself.

I know in my heart I’m guilty of this at times. Even over the course of a day. If you’re a person who expects nothing but 110 percent out of yourself expect this to happen. In fact what I am telling you today, anticipate it. All of you out there making behavior changes this thinking is typically inevitable if you’re stretching the status quo. The question is how do we shift the thinking?

I like to call this thinking the “un-controllable” blame game. When we start to go back in the past and get bummed out about things that have happened or didn’t happen, we start playing a game that allows for no winners. We begin analyzing outcomes and situations that are no longer controllable. We may even go so far as to let this effect our present.

As the simplest suggestion today, we have to have courage to look at only what we control. We can’t control the outside environment (or its terrible fast food restaurants), we can’t control how our friends act; we can’t solve someone else’s problems. We can only control ourselves.

I am a big believer in these two statements #1 We alone control our own happiness, If you want to change something, change it. #2 Whether you think you can or think you can’t your probably right. (At times, I’ve even go so far to believe that if you think you’re going to get a common cold you probably will … anybody been there?)


Takeaway from today: Don’t let yourself get into this unwinnable game. Re-focus your energy on the things you can do today and the things you can control in the future.


Fortunately enough, I am lucky enough to have a guest back this week (for a whole month) who gave me the courage to find this perspective. I wear a bracelet that she gave me on my right hand and look at it when it becomes necessary. It has symbol on it that means courage. My take: I need to have courage in my life to focus on the present, courage to succeed, but more importantly courage to fail and become stronger.



Friday Fitness: Double Up

We know the benefits of strength training but who wants to spend all day in the gym?! A great way to be efficient with your time—and challenge your strength routine—is to double up and combine exercises. By performing exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once we are cutting down on the number of exercises in our routine, but are also challenging ourselves with a more intense movement. Try out a few of these exercises below and make the most of your time in the gym!

Side Lung with Bicep Curl

  • Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart, weight in your right hand. Lung to the side with your left leg, then curl your right arm up toward your right shoulder. Lower your arm back down and come back to standing position. Perform 10-20 repetitions on this side and then switch weight to left hand for 2 sets.

Russian Twist with Shoulder Press

  • Sit on ground with back straight holding weight or medicine ball in from of body. Twist upper body down toward one side. Twist back up to starting position and press the weight straight up above head. Lower weight down then twist to the opposite side. This is one rep, perform 12 reps, 2 sets.

Plank with Row

  • Begin with weights on the ground right under the shoulders. Feet extended out into a plank position, body is in a straight line. Row right arm holding the weight back, bringing your elbow up and then lower back into the plank position. Perform the same movement with the left arm. This is one rep, do 10 reps for 2 sets.

Deadlift to High Pull

  • Begin with feet shoulder width apart weights in front of legs. With a flat back lower arms down until weights are to the mid shin. Rise back up to starting position. With arms in the same position pull the weights up to the chest, bringing elbows out. Lower back down to starting position, this is one rep. Perform 12 reps, 2 sets.

Incline Press with Reverse Crunch

  • Lie on back with weights at the chest and feet extended up into the air. Keeping the hips down, rise up into a crunch and press the weights up. Lower back down the starting position. Then using the core, lift the hips up off the ground for a reverse crunch. Lower back down, this is one rep. Perform 12 reps, 2 sets.

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