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Need Motivation?


I was teaching my Goal Setting class the other day when a few guests were having a really hard time coming up with motivation to exercise. So I suggested that they close their eyes and envision themselves ten years from now. They answered the following questions from two different perspectives; first, if they continued in their unhealthy ways or secondly, if they decided this second to begin turning things around.


–  How does it feel getting in and out of a chair or up and down a flight of stairs?

–   Are you able to get onto the floor and play actively with your grandchildren/children?

–  If you were to look into the mirror, what might you think to yourself?

–  How do you feel getting out of bed in the morning?

–  What fitness-related activities are you participating in outside of work?

–  Are you living joyfully?


If you are having a hard time coming up with motivation to exercise close your eyes, envision yourself ten years from now and ask these same questions.  Write down some of the responses and I bet you’ll find some motivation.



Top 5 Hotel Chains for Fitness


1.       Westin

Partnered with Reebok to create WestinWORKOUT.  Their upgraded facilities have equipment for cardio, strength training, cycling, calisthenics, and yoga.  Guests can book an official WestinWORKOUT Room that comes equipped with the following: bike or treadmill, workout DVDs, weights and running maps.  Some will offer a RUNWESTIN program in which guests of all fitness levels can join a running concierge for a three-mile guided walk or run in the city.


2.       Hyatt

More luxurious accommodations. They have implemented the StayFit Program , which is essentially an upgrade to their facilities and 24 hour fitness availability. Equipment includes: Life Fitness cardio and strength, flatscreen tvs, fitballs, mats, and resistance bands. Select Hyatt Hotels have a YogaAway with either yoga exercises on TV or on-site yoga instructors for private or group settings.


3.       Marriot

They have implemented the Great Health, Fit for You  program. In addition to a fitness center, it offers 3 different in-room exercise kits delivered to your door at no charge.


4.       Hilton

This chain has started the Hilton Fitness by Precor  program offering essentials for a workout including cardio equipment (personal TV and headphones) and weights.


5.       Omni

Guests may receive a free Get Fit Kit  that includes the following: floor mat, dumbbells, resistance bands, and pamphlet of exercises to do in your room. Some locations offer treadmill rentals with delivery to your room.



H3 Who’s Who: Adam Martin

Adam MartinPlease allow me to introduce February’s Who’s Who spotlight, H3 Fitness Director Adam Martin.

If you are a regular follower of the blog, or have visited Hilton Head Health, you are most familiar with this person.  Here’s a bit of background on H3’s own exercise and fitness guru.

Born and raised in the Sunshine State, Adam Martin’s interest and passion for fitness began at an early age with sports. He tried a little bit of everything from Martial Arts to tennis to golf to soccer (which proved to be his favorite, as he played from age eight through his senior year in high school). After graduating high school, Adam attended the University of Florida, which is where he first learned about Hilton Head Health (H3).  Upon receiving a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology/Biomechanics, Adam applied to H3’s internship program.

Adam began his four month internship in January of 2006 – and after just three months he was offered the opportunity for employment at H3 as the Fitness Specialist.  He continued as Fitness Specialist until March of 2007, when he was promoted to Fitness Director.  As Fitness Director, Adam not only oversees all scheduled fitness activities, but he also teaches fitness lectures.  He’s discovered that educating people about the benefits of consistent exercise has become a calling for him.  In addition, Adam is also responsible for facilitating our fitness-focused specialty week, FIT Week, which is only offered twice per year.  Adam finds that “it’s during FIT Week that a diverse group of Guests grow immensely, helping conquer lifelong hurdles, in route to long-term lifestyle change.  When you have a passionate and motivated group of individuals, as we do during FIT Week, the sky’s the limit!”

When Adam’s not inspiring Guests at H3, you can find him on the beach running or cycling with his dog Sterling—or curled up in his hammock enjoying a good book or in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes.

You can follow Adam on Twitter here or you’ll find him posting news and comments on the H3 Facebook page here.



Did you know?

Today is National Pancake Day! What better way to celebrate (and don’t say IHOP!) than to make your very own short stack of mouth-watering panckages.

So tonight, instead of your usual dinner try ‘brinner’, and serve up a few of our tasty H3 Banana Oatmeal Hotcakes!
Download the recipe card here.

Oatmeal Banana Pancakes



Water: How much should you drink every day?

I recently received this WebMD article that questions the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water per day (thanks Erik). I was a bit floored by the MD that was blog-bashing the core quintessential element that makes up us and the surrounding world. In fact, just as the guest that forwarded me the article, I decided to gulp down a bottle of the magical transparent molecule just in spite. So, my research began, and if you are reading this blog and control distribution of CEUs for the ACSM I would appreciate a few.

Science has proven that nearly all the major systems in the human body rely on water.  In truth, water makes up over 60% of our total body weight and functions in many different capacities.


What the original article omits is the notion that dehydration is the real concern since 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated and that dehydration is the leading cause of death in children worldwide.  Each and every day you are losing water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements and in order for your body to function properly you must replenish its water supply.  “Replenish” is the key word.  The average adult loses about 1.5 liters/day through urine and an additional liter through breath, sweat and bowel movements.  So, if you consume about 2 liters or 64 ounces per day, rarely feel thirsty and produce colorless or slightly yellow urine, your fluid intake is probably adequate.   However, there are a couple applicable factors that may influence your water needs such as exercise, environment and illness.

–  An extra 8-16 ounces of water should suffice for short bouts of exercise, but intense exercise lasting more than an hour would require more fluid intake.  A good rule of thumb for exercise is that you should weigh the same after the activity as you did before.

–  Heat and humidity will also trigger an increase in sweat product and require greater intake of fluids. Furthermore, if you are at altitudes about 8,200 feet your urination and breathing pattern may change, thus you should drink additional water.

–  Certain illness such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea cause your body to lose additional fluids. In these cases drink more water and it may be beneficial to consume an oral rehydration like CeraLyte.

I hope this helped. We all know our bodies well, what physical response do you regard as the first sign of dehydration?



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